Lots Of Cake And Laughter At Anil Kapoor’s Mom’s Birthday Bash
Image Credit: Sanjay Kapoor/Instagram, Two lovely cakes and a lifetime of memories at Nirmal Kapoor's birthday.

‘The family that eats together, stays together’ is something that we all have heard. However, only a few can manage to capture these moments in frame and in their hearts. Such is the love and affection that one can see in this Bollywood family. All family members took the time out to celebrate Boney, Anil, and Sanjay Kapoor’s mother, Nirmal Kapoor’s birthday this year.

The happy and picture-perfect moments were shared by Sanjay on his Instagram feed. They celebrated their mother’s 88th birthday recently. He posted a series of pictures on his feed, and each one oozed loads of love and happiness. First, we saw Sanjay posing with his mother for a picture. Then, there were multiple family pictures.

What we spot in this birthday celebration are two decadent cakes on the table. One was a huge cake, covered in whipped cream. It had a golden petal on top with a ‘Happy birthday’ stand on it. The other was a chocolate cake, topped with crushed nuts. In the background, we saw a beautiful set up of balloons and more.

Source: Sanjay Kapoor/Instagram

Looks like the foodie side of each of the Kapoors is what keeps them together. Take Arjun Kapoor, for instance. The actor is a hardcore foodie who cannot resist the sight of butter chicken or pizza. It is also tough to keep his uncle, Anil, away from food. While in Germany, he couldn’t take his eyes off the delicious chocolates and desserts. In fact, he also expressed in an interview that he cheats on his meals every once in a while, with burgers and fries.

Be it sweet or savoury, there’s hardly a time when the Kapoors say no to food. The family is not only full of actors and filmmakers, but also foodies. And it seems that both acting and fondness for food run in the family.