Mithai Lovers, Tried These Indian Fusion Cakes Yet?

Cakes though were not originated in India but have become an inseparable part of India’s birthday culture. Not only on birthdays but even at weddings, cake cutting has become a ritual. For years, cakes were confined to certain flavours like chocolate, butterscotch, and black forest but now, these cakes have evolved and transformed themselves. These cakes have started to become more Indian and we, are absolutely loving this! 

The other day, I went to buy a cake for my father’s birthday and I was hoping to buy something in chocolate. But as soon I got there, I was shocked as well as happy to find so many Indianized flavours that I didn’t know existed. There was an array of Indian fusion cakes there that made me wonder if they would taste good. From gulab jamun cake to rasmalai cake, there were so many flavours that forced me to change my decision and buy a cake from one of those. I bought a rasmalai cake decorated with rasmalai pieces only, can you imagine!  

My dad’s reaction was ‘ye kaha se aaya’? Just like me, my father was amused too but was also happy on seeing his desi mithai flavour in a cake. When we cut the cake and tasted it, we were taken to foodie heaven. The cake tasted yummy and made me forget those regular chocolate cakes. There are ample Indian fusion cake flavours trending in the market these days. Let us know a few of them. 

Gulab Jamun Cake 

We were already a gulab jamun fan and now this gulab jamun cake is here to make us crazy. This cake has small gulab chunks inside with its chashni over the cake sponge. It is decorated with gulab jamun pieces and once you taste it, there is no looking back. 

                                                Image credits:

Gajar Ka Halwa Cake 

All gajar ka halwa lovers, your favourite delight has now evolved into a cake. This tastes exactly like you are eating this winter special halwa and is one of the most demanded cake varieties. 

Rasmalai Cake 

Rasmalai cake is heaven for those who can die for rasmalai. This cake may look like regular butterscotch cake but what’s inside it, is everything. Rasmalai is my favourite and I just cannot get over this cake now. Believe me, this cake can heal your sorrows! 

Kaju Katli Cake 

Diwali is synonymous with kaju katli and we know why. This sweet not only looks royal but tastes royal too. Now we have a kaju katli cake, what else do we want? This cake too has kaju katli pieces and often has ‘vark’ on the top that enhances its look. 

Motichoor Ladoo Cake 

This may sound weird but tastes delicious. Motichoor ladoo is not just a sweet but an emotion. This cake has motichoor ladoo granules inside the cake and has the ladoo pieces on the top. I could not have imagined that there would be a motichoor ladoo cake! 

                                                   Image credits: youtube

So guys, don’t go for those regular flavours and try these Indian fusion cakes in the upcoming festive season. Believe me, you are not going to regret your decision. Let us know if you are aware of any other desi cake flavour that should be on the list.