Looks Like Malaika Arora’s Is In 'Pasta And Sandwich Kinda Day’
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Malaika Arora never ceases to amaze us with her food diaries and doesn’t miss to document her indulgences online and share them with her fans on social media. Mind you she also never stays away from trying new cuisines and dishes and she loves to cook too. Malaika recently shared some glimpses of her meal that she cooked at home, and we are totally drooling. The actress has revealed many times how she has a soft spot for comforting, homemade food, and looking at what Malaika cooked, we aren’t surprised why she loves it.   

On her Instagram Stories, we saw Malaika whipped up some yummy spaghetti pasta in a pan. In the first story, Malaika shared a short video of the pasta being cooked, along with some juicy cherry tomatoes and basil leaves along with the other staple ingredients, sauces and mild spices. While the dish looked amazing, her caption left us in splits. Giving it a filmy twist, Malaika wrote, 'It's pasta time… Aakhri pasta @chunkypanday', referring to actor Chunky Panday’s iconic character from the Bollywood movie series – Housefull. Malaika also added the hashtag 'Homemade.'  

Her next Instagram Stories featured a top view of her table. The scrumptious pasta served nicely on a platter, was accompanied by a tasty 'sandwich.' There was a bowl sliced cucumber too. Malaika wrote, “Pasta n sandwich kinda day,” and added the hashtag “Homemade.” Take a look:  

Doesn’t that look amazing? Pasta isn’t the only dish Malaika gushes on. The actor is fond of biryani too. The aromatic rice dish was noshed upon by the actor a few days back along with a bowl of raita, and chopped onions, tomatoes, and green chilli. The biryani was sent to her by her neighbours Iqbal and Shabana.   

Malaika Arora's enticing food stories often leave us hungry. Whether it is one of her homemade meals, or from her exotic locations, Malaika never misses a chance to showcase her indulgences. We just cannot wait to see more from her food diaries.