Konkani Breakfast: Have You Tried The Tender Adsara Polo, Yet?
Image Credit: Tender Coconut Dosa

The common perception is that South Indian cuisine mainly consists of dosas, vadas, and idlis. But the region’s culinary culture is way more than that. There are a variety of unique dosas that people from this part of the country prepare and savour. One of them is this tender coconut dosa, called Adsara Polo.

For the unversed, ‘polo’ is a term used to refer to ‘dosas’. However, in this case, it is a cross between a pancake and a dosa. While polo is usually made with urad dal and rice batter, the Adsara Polo substitutes the lentil with coconut. The otherwise savoury dosa gets a slight hint of sweetness with the addition of tender coconut. ‘Adsara’ refers to tender coconut and polo refers to dosa, hence the name.

What makes this dosa so special, then? The use of tender coconut is the high point of this Konkani-style breakfast recipe. Not only is the flavour mildly sweet, the texture of the dosa is so soft that it literally melts in the mouth. This dosa is usually accompanied by condiments like pickle and yam which add a certain spice and tangy element to the entire breakfast dish. Easy to make and made with only a few ingredients, this dosa is a perfect breakfast hack that you can try when you’re short of time.

How to make it? All you need is some raw rice, tender coconut flesh, salt, and tender coconut water. The raw rice is soaked in water for some time and then ground into a thick batter. This is then mixed with coconut flesh and salt. The batter forms with the help of tender coconut water. The use of coconut in various forms helps to soften the batter as well as sweeten its taste.

Not only is Adsara Polo a delectable treat for the morning, it is also packed with several vitamins and minerals. The nutrient-rich breakfast is served hot, along with chutneys, stews and more, as per choice. Interestingly, the taste and texture make this dosa a hit among children too, who like to roll it up and eat it. Sometimes, it is also turned into a sweet meat, by folding in some crushed jaggery and coconut shavings. If not, then the dosa is often paired with sugar and eaten as it is for breakfast.

While in Konkani cuisine, the tender coconut dosa is referred to as Adsara Polo, it is known as Elaneeru Dosa in Kannada and Karikku Dosa in Malayalam. The names might be different but the essence of the dosa lies in the sweetness of coconut and the softness of the entire breakfast dish.