Kiwi Berries And Kiwi Fruit: Are They Same? Find Out Here
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The world of fruits is mindboggling. A whole new batch of unexplored fruits emerges when one feels they know it all. Let's talk about kiwi berries. Before you assume and scoff it off, saying it's nothing but kiwi, we clear the misconception. Kiwi berries might share close resemblances with kiwi fruits, but the two aren't the same.

Kiwi berries have been cultivated in the United States for more than 150 years. Even colder places, such as New England, also harvested them. Kiwi berries are native to northern regions in Asia with cooler climates and environments, such as central China, Siberia, Korea, and Japan. How, then, could it stay undetected all this time? Never has it been made available for sale. However, a shift is imminent.

Kiwi berries make for delicious treats. One can use them to replace kiwi fruits in a recipe. However, kiwi berries can also be used as a garnish for drinks, a fancy cheeseboard, and a sweet and juicy accent for fruit salads. They can also be frozen and added to smoothies. There are also different varieties of kiwi berries; one may notice a slight difference in them in diverse regions. Their season remains for a limited time. 

What are kiwi berries?

Kiwi berries may first cause you to mistake them for grapes. A smaller version of the kiwi fruit, kiwi berries are devoid of the fruit's fuzzy skin. However, it is instantly clear why the fruit is named so when you cut open the fruit. The kiwi berry resembles its bigger cousin, the kiwi. However, they have smooth, edible, green skin, unlike kiwis. Kiwi berries' peels don't require peeling. They are a simple, delectable snack that one may just gulp. Vibrant green in hue, the flesh has a pleasant aroma.

Ripen supple kiwi berries, Image Source: Raihana’s Cuisines@Youtube

Flavour profile

The flavour of kiwi berries is both tart and sweet. It makes your lips pucker and has a sour aftertaste that is slightly dry in the mouth. Although not quite identical, the flavour is somewhat reminiscent of a kiwi. When choosing kiwi berries, search for soft and squishy ones because, like kiwis, the supple they are, the sweeter they taste.

Are kiwi berries genetically altered or inbred?

Kiwi berries are frequently thought to be genetically engineered due to their small size and uncanny resemblance to the kiwi fruit. They are, nevertheless, purely natural.   Kiwi berries have been eaten for generations in China and Japan, long before the advent of technology needed to produce genetically engineered food.

It's time to try your hand at kiwi berries and share your analysis whether they are same as kiwi fruits!