When it comes to whipping up quick, easy and delicious desserts, my mind goes straight into the world of fudgy and chocolatey mug brownies. Not only this, but mug brownies are my saviours when I’m broke, but my taste buds are too adamant about giving up on the cravings. I mean, can anyone even think about giving up on a fudgy, irresistibly delicious and appetizingly aromatic dessert that gets ready in a matter of just five minutes? However, there are specific minute details that one needs to be careful about while making fudgy mug brownies at home. So, to help you nail the fudgy delight, here are some tips you need to keep in mind.

Quality Of Chocolate

Use dutch processed cocoa powder and rich dark chocolate for best results. The choice of cocoa powder and chocolates makes a big difference in the mug brownie's colour, texture, and flavour.  

Size And Quality Of The Mug 

It is always advised to use a microwave-safe mug to make mug brownies. Be careful while filling the cups with the batter. Make sure you don’t fill them more than 3/4th of their height. 

Type Of Flour 

Although you can use whole wheat flour for health purposes, it's better to use all-purpose flour for the perfect texture. Of course, you can also use oats flour, but the texture change will be noticeable. 

Binding Agents 

Mug brownies don’t have many ingredients except the essential ingredients. There is no egg used in the process, and hence the crumb of the brownie is usually loose. This absence of binding agents makes the fudginess and the loose crumb a delight to savour. 

Eat It Right away

The mug brownie is best enjoyed when it's warm and fresh. As the crumb is looser than a regular brownie, the fudginess of the brownie holds it together. With time, the fudginess becomes cool, and the crumb becomes looser. Hence, it is usually advised that the mug brownie should be eaten right after it's taken out of the oven.

You can also change the ingredients to make a healthier version of these mug brownies. So try them out today and let us know how you drooled after devouring them.