Kheer To Chitoi: The Top 10 Bengali Pithas For Pitha Parbon

So, here we are discussing the 10 different pithas that are mostly prepared in pitha parbon:   

1.Kheer Patishapta: The delicious Patishapta is basically a crepe made from a batter of rice flour and filled with kheer, a pudding made from milk and rice. The crepe is made like a dosa, and the kheer filling is a creamy, sweetened rice and milk mixture rather than the traditional coconut and jaggery mixture. Although it tastes best warm, kheerer patishapta can also be eaten at room temperature. This dish is an emotion for all Bengalis. 

2.Puli PithaA classic rice dumpling or rice cake from Bengal, puli pitha can be either sweet or savouryThese dumplings are a common dish served during many festivals like Poush Sankranti, Lakshmi Puja, Durga Puja, etc. These dumplings are prepared with a mixture of rice flour and semolina, stuffed with a coconut and jaggery mixture, and steamed or sometimes boiled in milk. It can be served with some nolen gur that has jaggery on top.  

3.Chitoi Pitha: A traditional Bengali dessert called chitol pitha is a very basic kind of pitha made with the batter of rice flour and steamed just like idli. It also looks like idli but tastes different and is served along with nolen gur, which is jaggery. This dish is also served at Bengali breakfast time, as it is easy to prepare. 

4.Gokul Pithe: This is a traditional sweet dish that is usually made for special occasions like the Poush Parbon festival. The dumplings are made from semolina and rice flour, sometimes stuffed with a mixture of coconut and jaggery. It is mostly fried in ghee, soaked in sugar syrup, and served. 

5.Mooger Pitha: Traditionally prepared during festivals and special occasions, moong dal, or yellow mung beans, are used to make mooger pitha. This pitha looks just like gokul pitha as it is deep-fried, but there is a twist: the filling is made with moong dal. It can be soaked in sugar syrup or not before serving. 

 Video credit: Youtube/Habbars Kitchen

6.Aloo Pitha: Aloo pitha is a traditional Bengali snack or side dish that can be fried, or steam cooked. Potatoes are mashed and mixed with rice flour to make a smooth dough. A filling of jaggery and coconut is prepared. 

7.Kheerer Pitha:  It's a well-liked dessert for Bengali holidays and special events. Kheer Pitha combines the comforting qualities of rice dumplings with the richness of kheer. The rice dumplings are immersed in kheer, or rice pudding, which is infused with flavours of saffron and creamy sweetness from milk and sugar. 

8.Bhapa Pitha: This is usually eaten as a dessert or as a sweet snack. Its delightful blend of coconut, rice flour, and jaggery (or sugar) results in a distinct flavour and texture that is both delectable and comforting. A popular Bengali treat that embodies the spirit of the region's rich culinary traditions, bhapa pitha is best enjoyed as a sweet treat with a cup of tea or as part of a festive meal. 

9.Soru Chakli Pitha: This is a very thin pancake prepared with a batter of rice flour and urad dal gram. This takes less time to cook and is still healthy. It can be served with jaggery syrup and can be prepared in no time, which goes well for breakfast as well. 

10.Dudh Puli Pitha: Puli is basically a type of steamed and sweet rice dumpling that is filled with a mixture of coconut and jaggery. These are then boiled, and for the extra sweetness, nolen gur is used, which is jaggery syrup.