Katrina Kaif’s Breakfast Smoothie Goes Viral, Here’s Why
Image Credit: Katrina Kaif/Instagram, The smoothie recipe is healthy and tasty.

Striking the right balance between one’s cravings and following a healthy diet can be tough. However, Katrina Kaif is one such celebrity who does it really well. The Ek Tha Tiger actor is very dedicated when it comes to maintaining her fitness regime and following a healthy diet. Recently, her go-to breakfast smoothie was revealed, and it seems to have taken over the Internet.

What she eats in a day is usually simple, homemade food. Not a fan of snacking or binge-eating, she keeps her sweet tooth indulged in date balls on most days after meals. However, the most amazing part of her day is breakfast. Starting the day on a healthy note definitely sets the tone for the rest of the day, and Katrina does it with her nutritious breakfast smoothie.

Did you know that the actor loves drinking an avocado smoothie for breakfast? The green-coloured beverage is her go-to breakfast. During a cooking show with Mini Mathur, Katrina had revealed the recipe of this magical smoothie, and it has recently been recreated by another food blogger. This has made the recipe go viral. Want to try it too? Here’s the full recipe.

Avocado Smoothie

    ½ avocado  

    1 tsp chia seeds 

    4-5 mint leaves  

    5 spinach leaves  

    1 banana  

    1 tsp cocoa powder 

    Ice cubes  

    1 tsp lemon juice  



    Begin by scooping out the pulp from avocados and deseeding them.  

    Separate the mint and spinach leaves and keep aside. 

    Then, slice bananas into smaller pieces.  

    Collect the rest of the ingredients like squeezing out lemon juice.  

    Add the avocados, bananas, mint and spinach leaves in a blender.  

    Drizzle lemon juice, coconut oil, cocoa powder, and some water.  

    Pop in some ice cubes and blend it all together.  

    Your healthy and super-filling smoothie is ready.  

    You can sweeten it by adding some honey to it