Karisma Kapoor Treats Herself To A Fancy French Dish In New York
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram, The actress enjoys Foie Gras.

The Kapoors have been vacationing ever since the summer began. Basking in the British summer, sisters Karisma and Kareena Kapoor were constantly sharing images from their travel diaries. Being the foodies that they are, they have also been making us drool with their indulgence time and again. While Kareena is back in Mumbai, Karisma still seems to be in holiday mood, relishing a classic French dish in the US.

The actor took to her Instagram stories to share a hearty meal that was enjoying in New York. Earlier, she was having croissants and French toast in the UK, and now she is digging into some French delicacies. It is Foie Gras. On the table, we can spot a plateful of toasted bread, served along with Foie Gras. There is also a plate of fresh salad kept on the other end of the table. Leafy bites in a bowl, mixed with thinly-sliced carrots and more, the combination of a meaty dish with salad looks perfect. 

Foie Gras

For the uninitiated, Foie Gras is a dish made with the liver of a duck or goose. The liver is fattened through a certain process of feeding that makes it a delicious meaty dish. Popular in French cuisine, the name literally translates to fat liver. Karisma seems to be enjoying this dish on her NYC vacation. She captions the picture saying, “Foie Gras in NY”.

The 48-year-old actor is a die-hard foodie, who not only likes meat-based dishes but has a big sweet tooth too. Earlier, she had shared a flaming dessert that was having in the UK. It was a Baked Alaska Flambé. Looks like Karisma likes all things tasty and fancy, but the interesting part is that she has managed to maintain a lean physique despite her indulgences. The mother-of-two works out regularly and eats healthy and wholesome home-cooked meals on most days.