5 Different Types Of French Toast
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Eggs are a great breakfast food since they are packed with protein and energy. We should eat eggs for breakfast, according to experts from all across the world. However, have you ever questioned why? Its strong nutritional profile is the reason. Additionally, it is simple to prepare and makes for a filling breakfast. The greatest aspect is that eggs allow for creativity and ample opportunity for experimentation. We have a wide variety of selections, including boiled eggs, omellete, egg sandwiches, and more. A different well-liked way to eat eggs is with french toast. French toast is the epitome of indulgence: breads dipped in eggs and fried in butter or oil. French toast is said to have originated in the first century CE; a Latin cookbook has a reference to the dish. French toast was only consumed in its sugary form back then. The savoury French, according to legend, was created later. 

This egg-based meal has a name that leads many people to believe it was invented by the French. Food experts claim that the dish's name is a grammatical error committed by the person who made French toast popular. According to legend, Joseph French accidentally served it as French toast after trying to call it "French's Toast." Interesting tale, no? Since then, French toast has gone by numerous names, including "Bombay toast." A few examples include Dim Pauruti, eggy bread, poor knights (of Windsor), gypsy toast, and more! Given its popularity, we selected a few French toast varieties for you to try for a distinctive and delectable breakfast each morning. The best part is that each of these options are simple to prepare. 

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Sometimes enjoying the conventional is preferable to attempting something novel. This is the authentic French toast that has been loved by people all over the world for many years. Enjoy with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup on top. 

British-Style French Toast 

This version for French toast, sometimes known as Poor Knights of Windsor, is a traditional English morning dish. With this French toast, you can make a delicious breakfast that is also incredibly filling. 

Masala Cheese French Toast 

All you cheese lovers out there should try this. When you want your breakfast to have a masaledaar kick, eat this savoury cheese toast. Each taste of this will fill you up with delicious cheese. 

Banana Foster French Toast 

This banana foster French toast is the perfect breakfast for someone who desires dessert for breakfast. This will provide you with the benefits of a nutritious breakfast and the pleasant flavour of bananas and hazelnuts. 

Dim Pauruti 

Bengali homes frequently serve this French toast for breakfast. Its preparation differs from that of traditional French toast because it is savoury and doesn't call for milk. You'll get a genuine desi flavour from the Dim Pauruti that will take you back home.