This Viral Eggless French Toast Is Making Foodies Drool, Tried Yet?
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

“Eat breakfast like a king,” we have all heard that many times. And most of us take that advice seriously. I love to have a full plate for breakfast, which is also one of the reasons I love breakfast buffets at hotels. With that entire range of delicacies - from croissants, cold cuts, all sorts of egg preparations to sweet treats, fruits and seeds and so on - what’s not to love at breakfast? Yet, despite all the options in the world, one thing that I never miss on my plate is crispy toasted bread. Toast lovers will agree that it's the one breakfast dish that'll never go out of style. From a simple buttered toast to pizza toast, bruschetta or avocado toast - there are so many delicious ways toast can be enjoyed for breakfast. And these are just the toppings, you can also experiment with different kinds of bread that are becoming popular these days - multigrain, sourdough, brioche and so much more. One recipe that is popular across the world is the classic French toast. 

Breads dipped in eggs and fried in butter or oil. French Toast spells indulgence in every way. Did you know the history of French Toast goes back to the 1st century CE,  wherein its mention has been found in a Latin collection of recipes. However, back then French toast was only eaten in its sweet version. It is said, the savoury French was invented years later. 

Now while we all know the classic savoury recipe of egg French toast, a recently surfaced video has given a spin to the usual French toast recipe that we have known for years. The 3-ingredient milk toast recipe has been shared by popular food blogger Yumna (@feelgoodfoodie) and it has taken the internet by storm. 

The milk toast recipe by food blogger Yumna doesn’t just sound delicious, but is also super quick, simple and fuss-free. No wonder it has already raked in over 5.2 million views with thousands of comments on Instagram Reels since the time it was shared. The best part is that it needs just three ingredients to make the yummy treat. Unlike usual French toast recipes, Yumna’s recipe does not require any eggs or sugar in it. Take a look at the full video:

Looks easy, doesn’t it? "Have you tried the viral milk toast? It's basically French toast with no eggs or sugar but somehow my kids absolutely loved it," she wrote in the caption.  

Wondering what all she put in? Here is how you too can make the viral 3-ingredient milk toast recipe by Feel Good Foodie: 

1. Place a small cube of butter in a non-stick pan, and let it melt and coat the pan. 

2. Add two slices of bread to the pan and press it gently to lightly cook. 

3. Now add some milk to the bread slices and let them soak it in.  

4. Flip the toast to cook from the other side until golden brown.  

5. Just when the milk evaporates, and the toasts become crisp, take them out of the pan. 

6. Simply serve with toppings of your choice including banana, berries, honey, chocolate sauce or maple syrup. 

What did you think of this easy-peasy, delicious-looking milk toast recipe? Let us know.