Kajol’s Love For Coffee Is Real: Here’s Proof
Image Credit: Kajol/Instagram, Find us someone more addicted to coffee, we'll wait.

How many cups of coffee does a coffee-lover drink in a day? Three, or maybe four. But what about a coffee addict? Well, it might be a little hard to keep track of that. For this Bollywood star, the latter seems to be applicable. Kajol’s blockbusters movies are known to all. However, it is her foodie side, more so her love for coffee that wasn’t known to many until now.

The actor is a die-hard foodie who loves to grub on a variety of foods. Be it Mumbai’s famous vada pav or authentic Bengali food, Kajol can’t resist the sight of good food or leave without tasting it. While that has been pretty evident from her occasional Instagram stories that she loves to eat, it was in a recent post that she expressed her one true love, coffee. 

The caffeinated drink made with freshly-brewed coffee beans mark the start of mornings in many households. One of them seems to be the Devgns. While we don’t know about the rest of the members in the family, Kajol has made it pretty clear that the way to her heart is through this drink and there are no two ways about it. She posted a GIF of a coffee mug that read “Coffee club”. Above it, she wrote, “Ways To My Heart”.


Well, there were three ways that were listed down below which included, “Make Me Coffee, Buy Me Coffee, Be Coffee”. Who else can say this if not a real coffee addict? Kajol seems to have joined the coffee gang long ago as she posted a picture of herself with a cup of coffee in hand and she looked the happiest at that time. Sometime back, she posted a picture, showing off her muscles and said, “Flexing those coffee muscles”.

In fact, there’s more proof of her uncountable coffee rounds when she posed with her coffee mug this one time and said that she’ll go for another round of her favourite beverage. There are plenty of such occasions on which Kajol has proven her true love for the drink and we cannot help but relate to her right now.