Kachori to Ladoo: 4 Lip-Smacking Urad Dal Dishes You Must Try
Image Credit: Swapnalis Kitchen/facebook

Dal is an essential part of our daily meals. Be it rice, pulao, paratha or roti, they fit with all kinds of dishes. From simple dal fry to dal makhani, there are a variety of ways to cook this protein-rich ingredient. Moong dal, chana dal and masoor dal are some common types of lentils used in Indian cooking. Another popular variety is black gram lentil, also known as urad dal.  

Being rich in vitamins and minerals, urad dal is said to be one of the most nutritious beans. They are also high in dietary fibre that helps in improving the digestive system. Black gram also contains good amount of iron and calcium that helps in building bone density and boosting overall energy in the body. We usually eat urad dal with rice or roti that is prepared along with ingredients like tomato puree, butter and spices. But have you ever tried these urad dal dishes? 

Here are four delicious dishes that will surely leave you asking for more: 

1. Urad Dal Kachori 

This delicious snack is made with flour along with the filling of black gram lentil, ginger and spices like fennel and asafoetida powder. Mostly served with aloo ki sabzi, it is also prepared during festive occasions. Unlike other kachoris, it is softer in texture and can also be indulged along with curd or pickle.  

2. Medu Vada 

This donut-shaped fritter is a popular breakfast in the southern part of India that is mostly relished with sambar and coconut chutney.  Medu vada is prepared by soaking and grinding lentils then making it into a smooth batter along with salt and other spices and then frying into small portions. They are mildly spiced and can also be served as snack along with any kind of chutney. 

3. Urad Dal Ladoo 

Also known as ulundu urundai, this ladoo is a healthier option for people with sweet tooth. Both sugar and jaggery can be used to sweeten this ladoo. It is easy to prepare and stays good for three months if stored in refrigerator. Just roast urad dal and grind it to a fine powder. Then shape it like ladoo along with ghee and sugar. 

4. Urad Dal Burfi 

This soft and delicious dessert is a popular winter delicacy. Made with very few ingredients, it is super healthy and can be a perfect substitute of sugary desserts.  Made with jaggery, ghee and lot of nuts, it helps in keeping body warm during winters and supports immune system. This burfi can also be prepared on special occasions like festivals. 

So, treat your family with these delicious recipes and tell us which one they liked the most.