It was at the Nariman point, where I first had my plate of Kacchi Kairi. It was in the month of June, when we decided to visit our cousins in Mumbai. They did their best to warn us against the weather, and it indeed started pouring the moment we landed in Mumbai. In the hot, humid weather, we charted our way to Nariman point, clicked a few pictures, until the rain dashed our plans to enjoy the view of the sea any longer. We immediately took shade under a tree where we found a rather intriguing-looking snack. Soon the thinly cut slices of raw mango with a sprinkling of hot masalas became the highlight of my day. The sharp, tangy flavour undercut by the tingling masala made the super simple snack so special.

Kacchi Kairi or Kaccha Aam are equally loved and relished throughout the summer months in India. They are also used to make a variety of dishes from chutneys to drinks to pickles. Here are five of our favourite raw mango recipes that you must try soon as well.  

Raw mango popsicle

tis the season of bright, funky popsicles. And while the ones made with ripened mangoes are delish, you must also try the ones with the raw mangoes too. The sweet, sour and chilling goodness of the treat will take you back to your childhood.

Raw mango chutney:

Chutney, a popular Indian relish can be made with a combination of many fruits, herbs, spices and veggies. This raw mango chutney is renowned for its sweet and sour taste that will leave you smacking your lips. Serve a dollop with rice and dal, or roti or use it as a sandwich spread there are ways aplenty. 


Raw mango pickle (instant): 

Aren’t pickles the most important part of our summer meals? Mango pickle, to be precise, is one of the most beloved Indian pickles, but often it requires months top put one jar together. This instant raw mango pickle would not only save you time and effort but also help you give your banal meals a tangy facelift.  

Raw mango rasam

Rasam is an Indian soup that has many avatars. It can be tangy, hot, peppery, depending upon the ingredients used, most usual suspects being tomato, lentils and lemon. Raw mango rasam is a  seasonal delicacy that can be made without much effort, and spell comfort each time.  

Raw mango sandwich dhokla

Give your basic dhokla a seasonal upgrade. These dhoklas are flavoured with the tangy goodness of raw mangoes, serve with green chutney and enjoy its yummy goodness.