Italian Collector Makes New Record With Over 12,000 Soda Cans
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There are collectors of artefacts, stamps, and vintage items, but have you ever come across someone who has an admirable collection of soda cans? Sounds interesting, right? Italy’s Christian Cavaletti, who has a whopping collection of 12,402 Pepsi cans, has set a new world record. Guinness World Records took to its official website to announce the details. 

It is said that Christian began collecting the cans in 1989, and it includes cans from around the world. In fact, many of the cans are limited editions of soda. Can you guess the number of countries he has gathered cans from? It’s 81 nations! The basement of his house is filled with shelves that he made, especially to store all the cans. Like a library, all the cans are divided in a chronological order. 

According to news reports, there are, indeed, some very special items in Christian’s collection, including the very first edition of Pepsi can ever made in 1948, and the ‘space can’ made in 1985. In fact, he also owns a special edition Pepsi can with a silver background and a picture of him holding a Guinness World Records certificate printed on it. Christian first broke the record in March 2004 with 4,391 soda cans.

He is originally from Milan, and his collection, which is now no less than a museum, was again recounted in March 2022, almost 20 years after he made the first record. Not done yet, Christian aims to turn his collection into an in-depth exhibit of “all things Pepsi cans”, as he explains on his website. “More than 15,000 different cans will be displayed, but day by day, the number will increase, making each visit a unique experience, even after several times,” Christian added in a note on his website.