Viral: World’s ‘Highest Tea Party’ Enters Guinness World Records, Can You Guess The Place?
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

“Chai is an emotion,” says every tea lover. If you too are a tea lover, you would relate to it. You don’t need to depend on time, occasion or place to enjoy a cup of tea. And that’s what happened when Guinness World Records recorded what is described as the “highest tea party” 6,496 metres above sea level at Mount Everest Camp 2 in Nepal. Yes, you read that right. A hint of chill in the air makes tea-time all the better, doesn’t it? Imagine enjoying your tea amid snow and light rainfall. Heavenly, isn’t it? And so this tea-party seems like a lot of fun. Bringing a group of mountaineers in Nepal together who found a way to make drinking tea at 6,496 metres appear fun and an occasion to celebrate, tea definitely made its presence felt. And that is how their adventure-laced tea party made it to the Guinness World Records for holding the “highest tea party” at Mount Everest Camp 2.  

The records keeper shared a video of the party on its Instagram account and the climbers appeared to be having a lot of fun while enjoying the little warmth of the tea amid snowfall. Take a look: