Guinness World Record: US Man Chugs 1 Litre Soda In 6.8 Seconds
Image Credit: Guinness Book Of World Records/YouTube, This man had chugged two litres of soda in 2021.

World records are not set every day. From skipping the most number of times to reaching the finish line in the shortest time, there are several records that have been set in the past. What’s more intriguing are the food-based records that feature once in a while. Recently, a YouTuber from the US, named Eric Badlands Booker, set a world record for drinking one litre of soda in about 6.80 seconds. While many world records may leave us bewildered, this one was surely a surprise. To everyone’s disbelief, the man drank Mountain Dew from a measuring cup, filling it up to one litre and then chugging it down in a couple of seconds. 

A professional eater, Eric has maintained his 23rd position in the Major League Eating. Taking up this challenge to drink soda isn’t that new for this YouTuber. In the past too, he has done a similar challenge and set a world record. In 2021, Eric was deemed as the fastest man for drinking two litres of soda in the world. He finished the soft drink in about 18 seconds that time. Well, if that is possible for him, we aren’t surprised that he managed to finish one litre in a little less than half the time he took for his previous record.

         Source: Guinness Book Of World Records/YouTube

Upon being asked about what he was feeling before the timer started, he exclaims that he feels great. After gulping in down in six seconds, the man made history and entered his name into the Guinness Book of World Records once again. The elated Booker then moved on to start another challenge. He took several cans of tomato sauce and poured them into a measuring cup, filling it up to one litre too. Then he began chugging down the sauce from the cup and in a matter of 1.18 minutes, he finished it too. 

Eric was overjoyed with his feat and the audience was also thrilled at his exceptional performance. In just one day, Booker managed to acquire two record titles in his name and this has left the internet stunned.