Man Makes World Record For Fastest Time To Wrap Potato Chips

Whenever there’s a new food related Guinness Book of World Records that’s been made, it seeks the attention of all foodies out there. From videos of chefs making the largest chicken nugget to the video of a man bungee jumping only to dunk a donut in a cup of coffee, these food related world records are entertaining and sometimes even bizarre. The latest foodie to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records is 35 years old Zohaib Hussain from United Kingdoms. Zohaib has been titled world’s fastest man for wrapping five portions of chips in the quickest time. Zohaib completed the task in 40.13 seconds. The previous record for this attempt was 44.43 seconds, set by Stephanie Celik in 2018. Zohaib has defeated Stephanie by over 4 seconds. Interestingly, Zohaib accomplished this on the day of celebration of National Fish and Chip Day 2022. 

The video shows Zohaib scooping out five portions of chips, before adding salt and vinegar to each. He then wraps all five in quick succession, before a stopwatch is shown to the camera, recording the attempt in 40.13 seconds. An overjoyed Zohaib tells the media, ‘I’ve been wrapping chips since I started working in the shop nearly 20 years ago. Our fish and chips are served in boxes so we’re not wrapping every order. But, as I work in the shop everyday, I’ve accumulated enough experience to be a fast wrapper – when it’s busy in the shop, you don’t have a choice but to be fast.’

The day he made it to the Guinness Book of World Records wasn’t a day of soothing nerves for Zohaib. In fact, he was quite apprehensive. During practice, he managed to wrap and season a bag of chips in eight-and-a-half seconds, beating his personal best for the official record attempt. Talking about his day to the media, Zohaib said, “I was nervous on the day as I knew the cameras would pick up on any mistakes. However, I was getting 41 - 42 seconds in practice so I knew that I could get to 42 seconds within a couple of attempts. My best time in practice was 40.00 seconds. I was over the moon when my 1st attempt was 40.13 seconds."

Zohaib scooping out the chips. Credit: Instagram/guinnessworldrecords

The shop at which Zohaib broke the world record is actually owned by him and his family. The shop was in Zohaib’s family for over 30 years, and Zohaib has worked in the shop since he was 15 years old. Telling his story to everyone, Zohaib said, "My parents brought Zero Plus Fish Bar in 1991 and I have managed it since finishing university and now own the business."

Interestingly, Zohaib has even met Prince Charles as part of his work for the National Federation of Fish Friers in Wales and discussed with the Prince, how fish and chips are truly a delectable meal. Zohaib says the Royal member eats fish and chips ‘at least once a week’ – and describes the national dish as a ‘great nutritious meal that for him defines comfort food’. So does Zohaib want to set another world record soon? “I'm happy with this one for now but if another chip related record pops up then I might have a go,” said the overjoyed foodie.