On how many occasions have we thought of timing ourselves while performing a task? Hardly, ever. How many times has the thought of setting a world record crossed our minds? Again, seldom. When we go out to eat with friends and family, it’s more about chatting and having a good time over drinks and food. Except for the times when our friends have cheered for us at a party and we have chugged down whole mugs of beer in one go under peer pressure, we rarely think of these activities in a competitive sense. However, that’s not the case with Eric Booker. 

Hailing from New York City (NYC), Eric has always been a competitive eater with a dream to set a world record, as per the Guinness World Records (GWR) website. For those living under a rock, the Guinness World Records is a book and now a website that collates and publishes data about world records created by humans and the natural world. Recently, they took to their Instagram handle to share a new record set by a US man named Eric Booker and we can’t wait to tell you what it is. 

Eric managed to gulp down two litres of soda in a matter of 18.45 seconds and Boom! His dream came true in a jiffy. If you’re curious what it looked like, take a look. 

         Source: Guinness World Record/Youtube 

The IGTV, which was approx. two minutes long, is about to cross the 1 million mark in terms of views and has received thousands of comments. The video captioned, “Badlands Booker's Record-Breaking Chug. How quickly can the mighty @badlandsbooker chug two litres of soda?” intrigues the viewer to watch this phenomenon till the end. Eric informs the viewers that he is using a measuring cup and a fizz-free cola to be fair. He also has two people, including his wife, to serve as witnesses for his record. 

While Eric is thrilled to set a world record and fulfill his dream of featuring in the Guinness World Record, as seen in his wide-smiled post on his handle, users have been concerned about his health and the after-effects of cola.