7 Easy Methods To Use Oats In The Kitchen
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Talk about following a healthy diet; the first thing that comes to mind is oats. It is a cereal commonly known to all and has been used in the food industry for a long time. You will find many varieties of oats - including instant, groats and rolled. 

Oat milk is also available in the market now - an excellent, nutritious option for vegetarians to keep their immunity strong. These days, oats flour is also readily available in the market, using which you can prepare cakes, cookies, bread and many other dishes. 

Oats comprises starch, fibre minerals and vitamins, which helps overcome many health issues. In addition, oats are a rich source of protein that helps keep your body’s energy levels high. This gluten-free, nutritious whole grain is also perfect for stomach health. Knowing its excellent benefits, you too will not be able to live without including it in the diet.

How to incorporate oats into your diet? Here are seven ways to consume tasty oats:

  1. Dalia is one of the most common uses of oats, but we can consume oats in many different ways. For example, muesli and granola are also a form of oats, beneficial for health.
  2. You can resort to any vegetable to include oats in your diet. You can make it unique by mixing oats with carrots, peas, cabbage, fenugreek or potatoes.
  3. Oats can also be used to make parathas, shakes and smoothies. If you are fond of baking, you can also make bread, pancakes and cookies from oats.
  4. If you use maida, wheat flour or cornflour to thicken soups and vegetable gravy, then try using oats once.
  5. You can prepare tikki by mixing oats with boiled, mashed potatoes and eating it as a side meal.
  6. It would be best if you prepared tasty oats khichdi. It is delicious as well as quite filling.
  7. Instead of wheat flour roti, you can make oats roti and eat it with any dal or vegetable.

Benefits of oats:

  1. If you have been thinking of losing weight for a long time, having oats can help you do that. Not only this, but oats are also good for your skin and bone health.
  2. The best thing is that vegetarians can consume it comfortably as it’s also nuts, soy and lactose-free.
  3. You can deal with any disease with oats consumption, strengthening your immune system.
  4. Oats can also help control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  5. Oats are an excellent source of magnesium, and it helps control hypertension.
  6. It is a nutritious food rich in antioxidants that benefits our body.

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