How To Make Poha; 5 Recipes To Bookmark

Talk of Indian breakfast and poha is bound to be one of the most favourite of a majority of people. No matter if it is in south India or north, poha is known to be a staple across Indian homes. Made with flattened rice, poha is quick, easy, fuss-free and wholesome. Flattened rice (also referred to as chivda, chire, aval, etc., in different parts of the country) is nutritious and light on the stomach - making it an absolute breakfast essential for many. But the most unique thing about poha is that even though it is found in many parts of our country, it is made differently in different regions. It can be an absolute fiery affair at one place and a completely sweet one at another. So you may have kanda poha as a constant in the food culture of Maharashtra, Gujarat enjoys a light, fried or baked snack as poha called chivda. On the other hand, people in Bengal enjoy poha in form of pulav (chire polao).  

Basically, poha adapts to the culinary needs of the people and manages to fit into their lives, no matter where they live. And whatever flavour it may have, one thing is for sure that poha is yummy in every form. So if you too are a poha fan and looking to experiment a little, we’ve got a stellar variety to try. Here are 5 poha recipes you must look out for: 

1. Poha 

The classic poha made with flattened rice, crunch of peanuts, flavours of mustard seeds, chillis, curry leaves, spices and tang of lime.  

2. Batata Poha 

This Maharashtrian-style poha with beaten rice, coriander leaves, potatoes spices and herbs, is one you should definitely bookmark for a quick morning meal. 

3. Bread Poha 

This has to be one of the easiest poha recipes ever. All you need is a few bead slices, tomato, onion and literally any vegetable you fancy along with a handful of spices and herbs to toss-in all together. 

4. Idli Poha 

Give your leftover idlis a spin with this unique poha recipe. Onion, capsicum, tomatoes along with roasted groundnuts, spices and herbs tossed in with cooked idli is an irresistible treat you don’t want to miss. 

5. Aloo Poha 

With a host of spices and herbs, this poha also comes with the addition of comforting potatoes. Cumin, hing and haldi gives it a perfect flavoursome affair, while peanuts give the crunch.