4 Non-Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipes For All The Meat Lovers
Image Credit: Dunk in the egg or chicken and enjoy!

Whenever the heart calls for desi Chinese, it usually beats for hakka noodles and manchurian. Thin, yellow-coloured noodles spruced up with finely sliced vegetables in a hot soy sauce is my idea of hakka noodles. The next best alternative to pair with the Chinese gravy is fried rice. Personally, I enjoy having a bowl of fried rice more than noodles any day. You ask why? Well, firstly I love rice. Secondly, fried rice is something that can not only be made with freshly boiled rice but also with leftover ones in your fridge. It is quick and easy to make and you can add literally anything and everything in it to make it a wholesome meal. 

While vegetables taste delicious in a bowl of rice, adding chunks of succulent chicken and meat to the rice gives it a protein quotient too. To make a bowl of fried rice, firstly, you need to boil the rice. Drain it of all the water and let it cool. Finely chop vegetables like carrots, spring onions, beans and bell peppers. Then take a large pot and add some oil to it. Throw in the rice and all your veggies in it. Sprinkle some salt over it and pour some soy sauce for a darker colour and a slightly sour flavour. Once done, mix all of this really well and switch off the flame. Your fried rice is ready. 

Already drooling at the thought of it? Let us help you transform your visuals into reality with these delicious fried rice recipes. For all the meat lovers, these are the best ones to try at home. 

1.  Egg Fried Rice 

Not a fan of chicken or are you simply an eggetarian? Then, you needn’t resort to vegetarian fried rice because we have a special option for you. Scramble some eggs and toss them in your fried rice filled with veggies. This gives a kick of protein to your rice and a distinct taste to your tongue. 

2.  Thai Fried Rice 

This Thai version of fried rice is all about getting your greens in. Take your Asian leaves like pak choy and spinach and blanch them. Add them to your jasmine rice and spruce up with fish sauce and lime juice. Dunk in your beaten eggs, chicken and shrimp and let it cook all together. 

3.  Turkey Fried Rice 

No, this isn’t a Turkish version of fried rice. Instead, it is the most delicious way to use up leftover turkey. Spruce up the rice with eggs, soy sauce and tomato and dunk into shredded turkey into the bowl. 

4.  Tuna Fried Rice 

Made with the goodness of tuna fish, did you know that tuna could be used for something more than sandwich? This tuna fried rice is proof. Add in your eggs and veggies and you are good to go.