Start The Day On A Chocolatey Note With These Milkshakes
Image Credit: Chocolate milkshakes on the go!

When we wake up each morning, we are lazy to get out of bed for the first few minutes and then finally we manage to crawl out of it to start our day. Breakfast has often been called as the most important meal of the day and well, it makes sense since it the first meal of the day too. You know how we say that the foundation of a building or a project determine how well will it sustain. It is quite similar for our bodies too. If you begin your routine work on an empty stomach, it is possible that you might not be able to perform to your fullest potential or get exhausted mid way. 

In lieu of the same, breakfast is essential. Now we won’t tell you drink all those healthy, leafy, green smoothies. Instead, we would want you to be the happiest when you think of breakfast every morning. How about some chocolate milkshake? Milkshakes, for the unversed, are blended milk smoothies which are flavoured with a variety of ingredients and can be sweetened by adding sugar. Easy to make and not requiring a plethora of ingredients, milkshakes are a superb way to kickstart you day. 

Here are some lip-smacking chocolate milkshake recipes that you can try this week. 

1.  Oatmeal Chocolate Milkshake 

Since we’re giving you abundant taste to begin with, we thought of adding in a little bit of health to it too. Instant oatmeal is blended together with cocoa powder, chopped strawberries, almonds, cashews and more. Pour in the milk, dunk in the ice cream and you are good to go. 

2.  Mexican Chocolate Milkshake 

The highlight of this milkshake is the dulce de leche. The milkshake is given a thick and creamy edge with whipped cream and Voila! Your mexican milkshake is ready. Crush some graham chocolate crackers if you like. 

3.  Mint Chocolate Milkshake 

As thick as a smoothie but gluten-free, this chocolate milkshake comes packed with flavours of mint. Made from almond milk, greek yoghurt, unripe bananas and cocoa powder, the chocolate shake tastes heavenly. 

4.  Malted Chocolate Milkshake 

With the goodness of malted milk powder, you can really amp up your chocolate milkshakes. Add some whipped cream and fresh cherries for a distinct flavour and sweeten it with a drizzle of honey. You can pour in some chocolate syrup too along with some ice cream for the feel of a chilled dessert.