9 Easy Methods To Control Your Food Habits
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Food is the fuel that drives our bodies. Nutritious food provides our body with the nutrients to function and grow. Therefore, teaching good food habits is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to gain or lose weight or ensure an all-around fit lifestyle, food will provide you with the foundation by giving you energy and sustenance.

  1. Keep healthy snacks at hand: Snacking is essential, but it gets a bad rep because all too often, we tend to reach chips or fried namkeens. While these are fine in moderation, it’s always a better idea to substitute these with healthier alternatives, such as fruits or roasted/baked snacks. The best way to ensure this is by keeping these snacks handy, such as keeping a fruit bowl nearby or making sure that you have veggies like carrots and cucumbers with a dip in the fridge. 
  2. Make it balanced: Make sure every meal, including your snacks, are balanced. This means including a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. These three macronutrients are essential to making your meal fulfilling and satisfying. The fourth element is the vital vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Finally, ensure you have a colourful diet packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants.
  3. Don’t mistake thirst for hunger: Our body is the best indicator of when we need food. Unfortunately, many unhealthy food habits constantly graze on food or thirst that masquerades hunger. It’s best to satiate your appetite with a glass of water or some healthy drinks or juices. First listen, listen to your body about hunger cues. Then, time your meals well so that you can battle the constant snack cravings. 
  4. Know your triggers: Most of us are prone to throwing all healthy rules out of the window when faced with specific triggers, such as a social occasion, festival, or when faced with strong emotions. While food will be an essential part of these occasions, especially in a social setting, knowing your cues will ensure that you are aware of your habits and be on guard. 
  5. Keep a food diary: Most of us are unaware of our food habits, especially the less-than-healthy ones. Keep a food diary and note down everything you consume and the time. Then, review the journal and calculate your total calorie intake and macronutrient breakdown in a day at the end of the week. This is also essential to pinpoint any deficiencies in your diet.
  6. Make it social: Food is often part of our strongest memories, often associated with happy occasions. This is why eating should be a social activity. Make sure that you share at least one meal a day with friends and family. Apart from lively discussions, these occasions also prompt you to try new foods and learn from others’ food habits and cultures.
  7. Be mindful when eating: Avoid switching on the TV or scrolling your social media feed. Instead, pay attention to your meal, the texture, and the taste of every morsel. A mindful approach not only helps you enjoy what’s on the plate but also tells you when you are full. 
  8. Serve the healthy first: If you tend to reach out for fried or fat-laden stuff, it’s a good idea to start with healthy foods, including greens. For instance, start with a delicious salad bowl that works well for portion control. 
  9. Don’t skip meals: It’s never advisable to skip meals, even if you are on a diet. Skipping meals often leads to a build-up of hunger, and you end up bingeing at the end of the day. 

Inculcating good food habits is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The aim here is to enjoy your food indulge in its sensory pleasures even as you stay mindful of its impact on your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. But most importantly, a healthy diet needs to be supplemented with an active lifestyle for your body's overall functioning. Conscious-eating coupled with simple regimes like walking is the key to a positive state of mind and increased productivity. You may choose to sign up on apps like StepSetGo to ensure that 2022 is the year of transformation, indeed!

(Inputs By Shivjeet Ghatge, CEO, StepSetGo)