Cleaning Tips: 3 Easy Ways To Clean Clay Utensils
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Different utensils are available in the market for cooking, but pottery is being seen quite a lot these days. Let us tell you that cooking food in earthen pots is not new as women use them in villages and small towns. The best thing is that these utensils are eco-friendly, and the food cooked in them is very beneficial for health. Nowadays, you will find designer clay pots in multiple brands to cook food. However, these utensils are a bit expensive. A special coating is done on that pottery to be used more than once. Therefore, proper cleanliness should be maintained when cooking food in earthen pots. Do you know that you cannot clean clay utensils like steel utensils? There is a different way to clean them. Today, we are telling you the right way to wash clay utensils

How to clean pottery? 

  • Clean earthen pots with hot water.  
  • The smell of food from earthen utensils will eradicate with lemon. 
  • Remove stains on earthen pots with baking soda and salt. 
  1. Use hot water: You cannot use dishwashing soap and detergent to clean the pottery. If you do this, the soap will get into the pores of the pot, and after that, it will be unusable. But it would help if you learned that it is essential to wash it after cooking food in a clay pot. Therefore, fill less than half the water in the pot and heat it on the gas (don't boil it, but it should be hot enough when touched by hand). Then, when the water becomes hot, clean the clay pot with the help of a soft dishwashing scrub. P.S. If you use thorny scrub, your earthen pot may get scratched. After cleaning the earthen pot from the scrub, wash it with water and dry it in the sun.
  2. Clean Earthenware with Baking Soda and Salt: If you cook food by keeping an earthen pot on the gas, it can turn black, causing spice stains. Want to get rid of them? Then it would help if you cleaned these utensils with baking soda and salt. For this, fill water in an earthen pot and put one teaspoon of baking soda in it. After this, apply salt to the scrub and rub the stains with light hands. Regular cleaning will surely help you get rid of these stains.
  3. Use Lemon: If you have cooked any spicy dish in a clay pot, the smell of spices retains from the utensil. For this, you have to fill the water in the pot with lemon juice and warm it until it comes to a boil. After this, you can clean the clay pot with soft scrub making the smell of spices disappear.

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