There are several stories around leftover rice. Let's see how many of you have heard them. Eating stale rice during the day can worsen your health. Not only this, but people also believe that rice should not be heated again. But did you know all of these statements are myths? Stale rice contains a lot of micro-nutrients. It has a high amount of potassium, calcium and iron too. Let’s know some other benefits of leftover rice. 

Reduces caffeine addiction

It helps overcome the addiction to caffeine (who drink too much tea or are accustomed to drinking too much coffee). Research has revealed that caffeine-addicted people should eat stale rice. Leftover rice is very beneficial as it makes you feel refreshed. Most people drink endless cups of tea and coffee to relax, but if you eat stale rice, you do not feel the need to drink it repeatedly. 

Low-calorie leftover rice

The American Chemical Society has shown that eating 100 grams of rice gives you 130 calories, giving you fewer calories if you eat stale rice. Because 100 grams of rice contains only 52 calories. If you keep rice cooked for a long time or overnight, it reduces calorie intake significantly. 

Natural cooling effect

If you put the leftover rice in an earthen pot, they are ready as a natural coolant by the morning. Stale rice reduces your body temperature and cures constipation and a burning sensation in your stomach. Stale rice is nothing less than a panacea for your health and beauty. 

Leftover rice is rich in iron

It is believed that about 100 grams of freshly made rice contain 3.4 milligrams of iron. At the same time, 100 grams of stale rice contains 73.91 mg of iron, as it has been soaked in water for 12 hours.