Holi 2022: A Delectable Odia Lunch Platter To Relish After The Colourful Celebrations
Image Credit: Source: kajalpradhan78/Instagram

Holi is just a few days away and we know you are too excited to prepare for the same. This is one of the most fun and exciting festivals in India, and there’s no denying the same. Holi is an elaborate affair of fun events - from smearing each other’s faces with colours to dodging water balloons and relishing decadent food. However, the fanfare can get a little tiring too at times, and we all need a hearty meal after the celebrations to drive away the fatigue. So, here’s a delicious Odia platter that you can relish after your celebrations.

1. Pakhala/Garam Bhata

We all need a heavy meal after Holi just to sleep like a log afterward to get over the fatigue and tiredness. And what’s better than pakhala bhata in that regard? Make some dahi pakhala for your post-Holi celebrations and enjoy a wholesome meal. However, if you don’t want to have pakhala, you can always choose garam bhata (steamed rice).


2. Chicken Kassa

Chicken kassa is the favourite of most Odia non-vegetarian food lovers. The dish is prepared by cooking chicken in an onion-ginger-garlic-tomato gravy. Chicken kassa is one of the best dishes to relish when it comes to a non-vegetarian platter.

3. Aloo Bharta

Aloo bharta is a favourite among most Odias when it comes to a simple platter. Usually paired with rice and dal or pakhala, aloo bharta is a mashed potato dish made with a tempering of mustard seeds, green chillies and curry leaves.

4. Badi Chura

The badi-making process has just gotten over in Odisha, and this is the perfect time to relish some from the fresh batch. Deep fry some badis and crush them with some green chillies and garlic and season with salt before serving.

5. Tawa Baigana Bhaja

Eggplants marinated in salt and turmeric and tawa-fried are a delicious side to include in an Odia platter. Simple yet absolutely delicious, tawa baigana bhaja is perfect to include in your festive platter. Fry them with mustard oil for more flavour.

6. Saaga

A wholesome Odia platter without saaga? Difficult to think of! Made with leafy veggies, saaga is enjoyed with anything and everything be it pakhala or garam bhata (steamed rice). Amp it up with some fried badi and you are good to go.

7. Kakharu Phula Bhaja

Basically fritters made with pumpkin flowers, kakharu phula bhaja is crispy, easy to make and delicious. We know it’s enjoyed when served hot and you don’t have to spend much time after the tiring celebrations to include something as delicious as this dish in your pakhala platter.