Healthy Breakfast: 5 Desi Palak Recipes To Try This Winter
Image Credit: Palak Pooris for breakfast

Different seasons are known for their special produce that is natural and fresh. As the weather gets colder, everyone is now stocking up on their green leafy veggies like methi, sarson and palak. Plenty of saags are prepared during this time of the year, as they are healthy and help to keep the body warm. However, palak (spinach) can be easily added to your breakfast recipes too.  

Filled with loads of fibre, it is good for a smooth bowel movement and a better metabolism. Apart from this, it also strengthens the immune system and keeps you energetic throughout the day. It is good for stronger bones and vision too. Now that we’ve established the many benefits of eating spinach, here are a few desi palak recipes that you ought to try for breakfast .  

1.   Palak Paratha  

The popular Indian flatbread is commonly eaten for breakfast. Made with blanched spinach leaves, mashed together with spices, this green mixture is added to wheat flour and kneaded into a dough. Rolled into a paratha, it is tossed on a tawa and served hot with butter and curd.  

2.   Palak Dosa  

Dosa, for the unversed, is a crispy South Indian crepe that is a breakfast staple in the region. Usually made with rice flour batter, the palak dosa is flavoured with spinach leaves. This lends a greenish hue to the final dosa and makes it rich in nutrition and taste. Pair it with coconut chutney and sambar and enjoy.  

3.   Palak Idli Upma  

A fusion of two breakfast staples from South India, palak is a delightful addition to both these items. The idlis are steamed and crumbled. This forms the base of the upma. Next, spinach leaves are blanched and added to the mix. Sprinkle some cumin and mustard seeds and flavour with curry leaves. Toss in oil with salt and turmeric and serve hot.  

4.   Palak Poori  

Tried making the puffed Indian bread with the goodness of palak? Spinach leaves are mixed in the poori dough and rolled out. Deep-fried in hot oil, the pooris are taken out once they are golden-brown and crispy. These can be accompanied by some vegetables like aloo ki sabzi or simply, pickle.  

5.   Palak Poha  

Soaked flattened rice is a commonly eaten breakfast item in many parts of north India as well as in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. A variety of pohas are prepared, including kanda poha, batata poha, and more. This palak poha is a nutritious spin on your regular breakfast recipe, lending it a greenish colour and delicious flavour.