Ever Tried This Flaming Coffee-Rum Cocktail From Portland
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Who doesn’t like a warm cup of coffee in cold winter evenings? And one such amazing coffee is The Spanish Coffee, a much peculiar drink, which is not really the way it’s served in Spain, let’s say the French toast is to India it’s absolutely far from what the French actually have. This drink is extra special as it sees the American spin on the Spanish concept of carajillo: the famous spiked coffee

Once you have tried this you would surely be enchanted with the medley of flavours that comes from the concoction of Kahlua, rum, orange liqueur, and a caramelized sugar rim. This cold weather bittersweet coffee cocktail gets some drama added which makes it into the iconic Flaming Coffee-Rum cocktail that originated in Portland. The blue flames that swirl the rim of the glass and as you watch the bartender rotates the glass you almost feel it like smooth tango move that the dancer is performing. It’s absolutely smooth. The fire adds to the drama. 

First originated at Huber’s Cafe in Portland, one of the oldest in the country. This The 130-year-old restaurant and bar, that sees the old-world charm with wooden décor is mostly packed and you actually need to struggle to find a seat. The moment you order Huber’s special Spanish coffees, you will notice the bartender do some flawless choreography that goes in the glasses of 151 and Bols triple sec. It’s nothing less than afire dance – impressive. 

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With al the drama that the cocktail sees the history is surely  important to know when in 1970  owner Huber’s James Louie was inspired by a boozy coffee drink in the next door. Back to his bar he did his own little mix and match to create this. When the coffee poured from great heights, this well-crafted cocktail is a mix of drama, taste and history. And mind not a single drop will fall out of the glass

Jim Louie, owner. Credit: https://pdx.eater.com/2015/1/28/7929873/get-to-know-the-man-behind-portlands-oldest-restaurant


Here are two of special Coffee cocktail recipes from Maka Zai rum

Jamocha Negroni

Easy to make and refreshing, the Negroni is said to have been invented in Florence by the dauntless Italian Count Camillo Negroni in the early 20th century. To make the perfect coffee negroni all you need is balance: use equal parts rum, vermouth and aperol. The recipe is as follows:


    20ml - Maka Zai Gold infused with coffee beans

    20ml- Sweet Vermouth

    20ml- Aperol


All the ingredients have to be stirred with ice to the perfect dilution, preferably in an old-fashioned glass and garnished with an orange peel.

Cafe Rumatini

This simple yet flavourful cocktail is prepared with rum, chocolate syrup and freshly brewed coffee. Café Rumatini combines the best two drinks of the world (in our opinion), coffee and rum to prepare the perfect caffeinated concoction. The recipe is as follows:


    60ml- Maka Zai Gold

    20ml - Fresh Espresso

    15ml - Chocolate Syrup


In a shaker, add all the ingredients and lightly muddle the coffee and chocolate syrup, add ice and give it a nice shake. Pour it into a tall glass with ice and garnish it with some grated cinnamon.