Have You Tried NYC's Viral Croissants That Swept The Internet?
Image Credit: Lafayette's Bakery/Instagram, After NYC, even Delhi is drooling over these yummy sweet treats.

A croissant, for those who are unfamiliar, is a flaky French pastry that is buttery and delicious. With so many options available in both sweet and savoury varieties, you'll be spoiled for choice. Since experimentation is a given in food because that’s how we get newer and more innovative dishes, the croissant also underwent such a process to become a cronut, i.e., a cross between a croissant and a doughnut.

Although the cronut is still quite popular, the latest creation has taken the Internet by storm. What are we talking about? The Supreme croissant. This interesting croissant is shaped in a circular form, as opposed to the regular ones, and is glazed and filled with pastry cream. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, it is said that a bakery in New York City called Lafayette Grand Café and Bakery introduced these baked delights in April last year, and they quickly went viral on social media.

Source: Lafayette's Bakery/Instagram

These croissants swirled with cream were referred to as "crolls," a cross between a croissant and a roll, and the bakery called them "The Supreme." To their surprise, this new addition to the menu quickly sold out and required multiple rounds of re-stocking throughout the day. The trend that began with Tik Tok, a short-video-sharing platform, last summer has now spread to Instagram.

Across the world, people are going crazy over these uniquely shaped croissants and waiting for a chance to try them. The sight of the crème-loaded flaky treat and chocolate ganache oozing out of it makes us understand why there is so much hype around it. The good news is that these viral croissants can now be found in the capital too. If you’re willing to try them, head to any Defense Bakery outlet in Delhi and give them a shot.