Radish And Butter, The Viral Combo Taking The Internet By Storm

The internet has the ability to sensationalise some really random dishes and sometimes it’s nearly impossible to predict what the next ‘viral trend’ is going to be. This might be because the new and exciting idea, may not even really be new! This is exactly what happened when Radishes with Butter became the food of the summer and one of the trendy pairings of the year. 

The idea is as simple as it sounds, spread some butter on a slice of radish and munch away. Though strange, there is a very logical explanation behind why it works so well. The peppery, slightly spicy radish is tempered by the creaminess of butter while the vegetable in turn cuts through the fattiness of the dairy and brings out an unexpected sweetness. It’s often served with a dash of coarse salt for added texture. 

And to nobody’s surprise, it was the culinary wizards in France that first discovered this pairing. For years, the French have been nibbling at this simple snack at all times of the day (or night). Usually, small red radishes are served whole with the greens neatly trimmed and wedge cut into them to dip in a little butter. They’re also served on bread as something between a topping and a garnish.

It’s not designed as a particularly gourmet food, to be picked at and admired. It was always a hearty summer special, eaten and enjoyed by all and made more often in homes than restaurants. However, like everything niche these days, it caught the eye of chefs looking to capitalise on the seasonal, dainty appearance and its avant-garde allure. So of course, it’s about to become a pretentious staple selling at obnoxiously high prices.

Luckily, since it’s just 3 basic ingredients, making it at home is a no-brainer. Just ensure that your radishes and butter are fairly high-quality because, with so few ingredients, there’s nowhere to hide. We suggest trimming the tops and stems which while edible are often woody and carry unexpected grittiness. Also, you can eat them whole, but we prefer to slice them in half before slathering them with butter and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt, it just means you get two balanced bites instead of one. 

So try this unlikely pairing for your next party or even as a midnight snack and get ready to be wowed by this traditional rural staple that’s won over the modern world.