The internet can be full of surprises, especially if you are into trying new food trends. We all tried our hands into whipping the perfect Dalgona coffee, most of us also got stock of feta cheese to try the feta pasta challenge- but how many of us would have the gall to try the new ‘Mustard on watermelon challenge’? You heard it. The new trend on the block has divided the internet. But what is the trend after all? Well, a bunch of people are squeezing mustard sauce on a piece of watermelon and nibbling on it. Mustard sauce, for the uninitiated, is a popular salty and pungent condiment that is often used in sandwiches, wraps and rolls. After the trend picked up on social media, American popstar Lizzo also tried her hands at it and was actually quite impressed by the juicy snack. 

Korean-American skincare content creator and food blogger Young Yuh (@yayayayummy_)  is being touted as the original creator of the trend. He set the ball rolling in one of her videos posted in May, wherein the YouTuber can be seen dabbing some yellow mustard sauce on a piece of watermelon. 

Twitter is buzzing with reactions over the new food trend.  

“ok but im actually kinda curious about mustard on watermelon now..” wrote a user. (@SHolenchick)    

“Tried this mustard on watermelon TikTok trend and I have mixed feelings about it lol”, wrote another.  (@MissStoria_) 

“Mustard on watermelon? I think I'll skip that part of summer” said a firm critic.(@BlueKnight2016) 

“If i come to a bbq and y’all put mustard on watermelon , I’m calmly leaving in silence, “ wrote another detractor. (@WorldwideFm_) 

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