Viral: Seen World’s Longest Food Delivery Across 4 Continents?
Image Credit: Maanasa Gopal/Instagram, The daring woman undertook a thrilling adventure to deliver food.

With increasing ease of access to food, beverages and a variety of other services from around the world, nothing seems impossible. In fact, in the current digital age, it is even possible to get food delivered across cities from the comfort of one’s home. However, it is rare to find someone so dedicated to their job that they fly across four continents to deliver a food package. Confused? 

Well, a young woman called Maanasa Gopal recently undertook the most adventurous food delivery of her life. The woman travelled from Singapore, crossing over four continents to deliver a food package in Antarctica. She posted the video of her entire journey on her Instagram handle and it has received over 40k views on the social media platform. She begins by showing us the food packet at the airport. First, she travels from Singapore to Hamburg, Germany via flight. Next, she flies to Buenos Aires and finally takes a journey on foot, crossing jungles and dangerous paths. She again takes a flight and finally reaches Antarctica. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram video/Maanasa Gopal

But the journey doesn’t end here. She understands the location of her delivery via maps and then travels in a boat to cross the river and in the end, walks on a snow-covered path to reach the delivery place. As she delivers the food, Maanasa as well as the customer looks super elated. In the caption of the video, she writes, “It’s not everyday that you get to deliver Singaporean flavours across 30,000+ km and 4 continents to one of the most remote places on earth!” and also mentions how the entire journey was “carbon-offset in partnership with our green partners”. 

What was interesting was that the netizens were left wondering what was the food that was delivered all the way to Antarctica.