Geranium Tops The List Of World's Best Restaurants 2022
Image Credit: Geranium Restaurant/Instagram, Geranium follows a high-concept cooking idea.

What makes all the hard work worth it is the recognition you get at the end. While running a restaurant is no cake walk, Chef Ramsus Kofoed has smoothly sailed this year by grabbing the first position for his restaurant  and making it to the list of World’s Best Restaurants of 2022. Situated in a football stadium in Copenhagen, Geranium became the second Danish restaurant to make it to the top of the list for a second consecutive year. 

The annual awards night that was held in London witnessed some new restaurants making their debut in the world of hospitality. The well-established ones that have been doing a good job were rewarded for their efforts as restaurants spanning across five continents and 24 countries made it to the list of the best restaurants, as per a report by a leading media publication. Geranium, a fine-dining space, is located on the eighth floor of the Common Gardens which is a central point of Copenhagen. 

Offering panoramic views of the city, the restaurant is well-known for its high-concept cooking with a multi-cuisine spread. For the unversed, high-concept cooking refers to a certain style of cooking, presentation, menu and theme that is usually incorporated by luxury dining spaces or high-end restaurants. Geranium takes its customers through a gastronomic journey, involving diversity and clarity at the same time, which reflects the vision of the restaurant, as per a report by a leading media publication. 

Source: The World's Best 50/Instagram

What is even more interesting is that Geranium was one of the first restaurants to bring three Michelin stars to the country. While Denmark continues to make its mark for a second year in a row and plunge the top spot of the list this year too, it is followed by Lima’s Central restaurant in Peru. The annual restaurant list is prepared by food critics and highly-reputed personalities of the hospitality industry.