8 Best Restaurants To Try In the Wine Capital
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

With the rise of wine tourism in India, Nashik has attracted a lot of attention from tourists. Apart from the age-old antique temples and the refreshing vineyards, some of Nashik's greatest restaurants have also contributed significantly to wine tourism and tasting excursions. Check out some of the greatest restaurants in Nashik that cater to the gastronomical desires of foodies, where dining is more of an experience than an activity.

The Sidewalk

The Sidewalk is regarded as one of Nashik's greatest restaurants due to its ambience, non-vegetarian cuisine, and good service. The sweets at this restaurant are worth a try and are a must-visit for people looking for a decent, calm, and enjoyable time with friends and family.

Location: Satpur, Nashik

Price for two: INR 1,000 approx.

Soma At Sula

The Soma restaurant in Sula is a must-visit for all wine aficionados due to its superb location. This restaurant has received praise from gastronomes all around the world for its cool atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious food. It's also an excellent choice for couples looking for a romantic candlelight meal in Nashik.

Location: Satpur, Nashik

Price for two: INR 1,000 approx.

Al Arabian Express

When visiting Nashik, make sure to stop by Al Arabian Express for some of the best Shawarmas around. One of Nashik's most prominent non-vegetarian eateries, the restaurant also provides a relaxing atmosphere.

Location: College Road, Nashik

Price for two: INR 1,000 approx.

 Asian Platter

This is another gem of Nashik city, offering superb dining as well as a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is particularly well-known for serving North Indian, Chinese, and Mughlai cuisines, allowing you to engage in a culinary adventure. In addition, they have a well-thought-out buffet service concept. It is a well-known restaurant in Nashik.

Location: Mumbai Naka, College Road, Nashik

Price for two: INR 800 approx.

Sadhana Restaurant

Sadhana Restaurant is one of Nashik's greatest vegetarian eateries. This establishment is great for breakfast because of the tranquil and gorgeous décor, and the outdoor seating is very interesting. It is a must for all foodies to enjoy the tasty misal-pav, which offers experiences like horseback riding and a children's play area.

Location: Gangapur Road, Near, Satpur, Nashik

Price for two: INR 200 approx.

Little Italy

Little Italy is the ideal location for people looking for a romantic candlelight supper in Nashik with their loved ones. This restaurant is well-known among locals and tourists for its cosy atmosphere and the best vegetarian Italian meals in Nashik.

Location: Satpur, Nashik

Price for two: INR 800 approx.

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation, a prominent Indian restaurant chain, is one of the most popular restaurants in Nashik, which families and friends frequent. Non-vegetarians call this restaurant "heaven," but it's also a great place to go for buffet-style service.

Location: Parijat Nagar, Nashik

Price for two: INR 1,500 approx.

 RiverDine Restaurant

The RiverDine Restaurant is one of the nicest spots in Nashik to have a relaxing dinner. This restaurant's food, as well as its presentation, are both worthy of commendation. Apart from mouthwatering food, visitors can savour delectable butter chicken while watching their favourite matches on a large screen and listening to live music. It is one of Nashik's best eateries.

Location: College Road, Nashik

Price for two: INR 500 approx.