Holi 2022: The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Gujiyas (17 Recipes Inside)
Image Credit: instagram.com/foodiehoodie98

Holi 2022: Whenever I think of 'holi', the first thing that comes to mind is gujiya, leaving me drooling over it. Traditional gujiyas are consist of refined flour, mawa, khoya, coconut, nuts, and various other ingredients. But do you know that gujiyas are made in multiple ways? Moreover, there are some gujiyas that you may not have even heard of. So let's know about such delicious 17 types of gujiya.

  • White Chocolate Gujiya: If you don't want to compromise on sweetness, then white chocolate gujiya is the right one for you. It is made from coconut, jaggery, almonds, white chocolate, and green cardamom powder.
  • Bhang Gujiya: Gujiya and bhang are generally the most common food items of Holi. This festival is the only time when Indians are allowed to consume bhang. It is added to gujiyas and khoya to give it a fun twist.
  • Apple Gujiya: Gujiya is made by adding chopped apples, khoya, spices, cashews, almonds, sugar, raisins, pistachios and green cardamom. You can also replace apples with pear or pineapple.
  • Chocolate Gujiya: Gujiyas made up of dark chocolate? Yes, just add melted dark chocolate to give it a bittersweet twist. This is great for those who want a balanced sweetness.
  • Matar Gujiya: This is a traditional Maharashtrian gujiya made from fresh peas stuffed with green peas, coconut and fried until golden brown. They are usually served with tea snacks.
  • Baked Oats Gujiya: These gujiyas are stuffed with oats along with raisins and dates. These require wheat flour instead of maida and can be baked instead of frying for a healthier twist.
  • Colourful Gujiyas: No matter what the filling is, everybody loves these colourful gujiyas. Just add food colour to the flour and get ready to spread the joy of colours on Holi.
  • Boondi Gujiya: Boondi is an excellent option for gujiya stuffing as they are crispy on the outside and sweet from the inside. Those who love boondi will definitely like this gujiya.
  • Rabri Gujiya: The milk for rabri is prepared by boiling until it reduces to half and becomes thick. You can make it tastier by adding khoya, cardamom, dry fruits and nuts.
  • Baked Gujiya: Baked gujiya is made by mixing raisins, almonds with milk, dried coconut, semolina and wheat flour. It is baked till golden and then dipped in honey.
  • Halwa Gujiya: It's one of the unique gujiya varieties made with sooji ka halwa, moong dal halwa or gajar ka halwa.
  • Coconut Gujiya: Usually, traditional coconut gujiyas are made with mawa, khoya, coconut and pistachios and then dipped in sugar syrup.
  • Nutella Gujiya: Nutella tastes good with everything. But how to add it to gujiya? You can stuff gujiya with banana slices and Nutella.
  • Moong Dal Gujiya is a delectable crispy pastry with sweet and sour moong dal filling. Pair it with spicy green chutney and tea.
  • Gulkand Gujiya: Gulkand is one of the most common ingredients in paan and other Indian desserts to give it a rosy flavour.
  • Fig Gujiya: Anjeer is a fruit that is used in desserts. Figs are loaded with calcium making gujiya more nutritious.
  • Jam Gujiya: Jam is not only used over bread. If you want, you can make your gujiyas sweeter with jam.