Goli Idli: Have You Tried These 'Bullet Idlis' Yet?
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Goli Idli

If there would be another expression for simplicity, it would be Idli. The simplest food of all, Idli, is everyone’s top preference  when it comes to breakfast on weekends. And there is a reason why idli holds such a special place in our heart. It is because Idli is among the healthiest, easy peasy to make, tastiest food one can ever come across in life. These naturally vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free steamed rice cakes are among the healthiest breakfast which tastes like lucid dreaming in daylight when served with coconut chutney and sambar.

Gone are the days when idli was a traditional breakfast made just in the region of South India. These fluffy as cotton-ball and white as moon rice cakes are favourite of every person of India and even beyond. Now-a-days Everyone knows how Idli looks like, how Idli tastes like, how Idli feels like. Therefore, we bring to you a totally new avatar of idli which tastes the same, feels the same but doesn't look the same. Goli Idli is the same as the idli but with a creative and innovative tangent. Goli idli is a unique idli, it is of round shape.

The reason for Idli's popularity is because it is considered a clean and nutritious cuisine because it is prepared with little or no oil using steaming as the cooking method. Obviously, it has resulted in numerous innovations in the idli category, and goli idli or round rice balls dish is one such simple and nutritious morning meal option. Idli has gone through a metamorphosis process of transformation which has lead to many versions of it, including Gujarat’s ‘Dhokla’.

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Over time Idli has become a comfort food of many. Along with being soft, cushiony and savoury these rice cakes are also aesthetically pleasing and appealing to eyes. Let us make this aesthetically pleasing dish even more aesthetic in round shape.

Ingredients :

    1/2 kg rice flour 

    1 teaspoon mustard seed 

    1 teaspoon urad dal 

    1 teaspoon Bengal gramme 

    3 or 4 dry red chilies 

    1 medium ginger 

    2 no. green chillies 

    3 sprigs curry leaves 

    One handful of coriander leaves 

    1 cup of water 

    1 tablespoon ghee 

    As needed, add salt


1.    Boil water in a pan add salt and ghee

2.    Then we have to add rice flour and mix well until the water is absorbed well.

3.    Then transfer the moist flour into the large mixing bowl.

4.    Then we have to take small amount of dough and roll

5.    Heat water in a idli steamer.

6.    Then place the balls into a idli steamer plate and steam for 10 to 12 minutes.

7.    After cooking the goli idli ,take the steamed goli idli and keep aside.

8.    Heat oil in a pan add spluttered mustard seed ,urad dal, and Bengal gram saute well .

9.    Add dry red chilli ,chopped ginger, green chilli and curry leaves saute well

10.    Add steamed goli idli and mix well

11.    Finally we add coriander leaves and mix and cook for 5 to 6 minutes.

12.    Remove from heat and set aside

13.    Serve and enjoy soft goli idli.