Your Guide To Finding The Best Idlis In Mumbai
Image Credit: Pexels

The city that never sleeps also likes to kickstart its day with a delish breakfast. Mumbai is bustling with restaurants, cafes and canteens that open as early as 8 a.m in the morning. And what is on offer you ask? Everything, from vada pav, idli, puri, chana, poha, pancakes to sausages.  One of the first things to run out in these ‘breakfast places’, however, are the idlis. Mumbai loves its idlis so much, that you need not even hit ‘conventional restaurants’ to grab them, the idlis can come to you. In Mumbai, you would find several people selling idlis on a bike. These are called the ‘cycle idlis’. The unique feature of this ‘mobile’ idli joint is the pair of tin containers that hang on the back seat of the bike, filled with fresh idlis and homemade coconut chutneys.  

Of course, there are many iconic places where you can sit down and have a meal of idli and sambhar at leisure too. On the occasion of World Idli Day today, we list down some of our favourite places.  


This Juhu restaurant is hit among South Indian food lovers of the neighbourhood. It is quite crowded over the weekend so if you want their special Ambassador idli (Idli dipped in sambar, seasoned with onion and garlic masala), or their Milagapodi Idli (Idli smeared in spicy gun powder, served with ghee and sambar) for your Sunday brunch, you better rush and take a seat early in the morning. Other than their idlis, they also make lip-smacking Rava Dosas, Uttapam, Rasam rice and Vadas.  

Ayappan Idli Stall

Matunga East is actually a hub of rich and authentic, South Indian fare.  If you aren’t so much a fan of sweet sambhar, there are plenty of places here where you can find a savoury and spicy counterpart. At Ayappan Idli stall, you are in for a blissful range of idlis. We suggest you order a plate of the moreish Molgapodi or Gun powder Idli. Rubbed with gun powder and ghee, these idlis spell indulgence. The pocket-friendly eatery also serves delicious Jini Dosa, Rava Kesari and Vadas.  

Café Mysore

Tucked away in the prominent location of Matunga East, Café Mysore, serves a whole gamut of South Indian delicacies like Dosas, Uttappam, Vadas and Idlis. The soft and fluffy idlis of Café Mysore are the perfect way to start your day. Dip them in sambar or in-house chutneys, you are in for a treat.  

Madras Diaries

An ideal place to try some interesting spins. Besides serving soul-satiating dosas, idlis, papad, sambhar and vadas, at Madras Diaries you also find fusion dishes like Jalapeno idlis. Their interesting collection of idlis also comprises Mini idlis, small-sized idlis tossed in Gun powder, Rava idli, Tohttu idli, Ragi idli et al.  

Udipi Idli House

This humble shop serves up a range of classic idlis that do not require you to burn your pocket. From Mysore’s Rava Idli, to Mangalorean specialties like Khotto, where idli is steamed in jackfruit leaves and are infused with the flavour of the tropical fruit, to Kakdi Idli, soft and steamed idlis made with goodness of grated cucumber, there are options galore.