Go On A Date With Dates: 5 Winter Recipes To Relish
Image Credit: Sushma Lohit/facebook

Winter is about to reach its peak and most of us have already prepared ourselves with warm clothes and warm delicacies. It’s a season to relish the lip-smacking winter dishes like gajar ka halwa, makki roti, and varieties of soup. There are lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits as well that help in keeping warm during the chilly weather. They not only provide warmth but also build immunity to fight against diseases like cold and cough. Date, commonly known as khajoor, is one such fruit. It is basically a tropical fruit that grows on palm trees.  

Dates are superfruits that have plenty of health benefits and are widely available in the market. They are sweet in flavour and chewy in texture and can be eaten fresh as well as dried. These tiny fruits have a nutrient-rich profile, i.e. they contain several vitamins and minerals. Dates are also rich in fibre, that helps in improving the digestive system. They are ideal for winter diet as the antioxidants present in these fruits help in fighting against chronic diseases like diabetes and builds immunity. Minerals like calcium and phosphorus also promote bone health.  

There are multiple reasons for eating dates. But if you are bored of eating them directly, here are five yummy date recipes you can make at home:

1. Date Kheer

This simple yet delicious dessert is made without sugar, with the goodness of milk and nuts. You just need seedless dates, milk, ghee and some nuts and your delicious and healthy kheer is ready. It also goes well for all kinds of festivals.

2. Date Appam

Appam is a traditional South Indian breakfast cum snack that is prepared with rice. But it’s time to give them a healthy twist by adding dates and jaggery along with other ingredients. It's easy to prepare. Just mash bananas and mix flour, along with jaggery water and flavour the mixture with sesame seeds and cardamom powder. Then shape the dough into small balls and deep-fry them in oil and done.

3. Date Ladoos

These instant and healthy ladoos are a must-try during winters. They are energy balls that not only help you keep warm during winters, but also support the immunity system. They are easy to make and simple to carry. If you have a habit of munching healthy snacks, then date ladoos are the perfect option. Just pack it in an air-tight container or lunch box and you can carry it anywhere you like.

4. Date Chutney

This lip-smacking side dish is a blessing during winter. Date chutney is sweet, mild and sour and is made with pureed dates, dry mango powder and a few spices. You can improvise the ingredients based on your preference and the dish you are going to serve alongside this chutney. It can go well with rice, dosa, roti and all kinds of snacks.

5. Date Pudding

Treat your kids with this yummy pudding made with the goodness of dates. Just soak some dates in milk for an hour and combine with sugar, butter and eggs. Mix with flour, baking powder and cardamom. Then bake at 180 degrees Celsius for half an hour and your delicious date pudding is ready to serve. You can also garnish the pudding with dry fruits and nuts of your choice.

Include dates in your diet and stay warm and healthy this winter.