Get Over Pakoras, Try 5 Veg Dishes You Can Make With Besan

Indian cooking is recognized all across the globe because of its aromatic and flavourful spices used. One of the quintessential ingredients used in Indian cooking is besan or gram flour. Made with ground chickpea or Bengal gram, besan is extensively used for making so many vegetarian, non-vegetarian and traditional dishes. Besan is known for adding a natural, wavy and earthy taste and aroma to any dish. 

We all love pakoras, isn’t it? Pakoras can’t be made without besan as besan is the soul. But if you want to explore the versatility of besan, you must try some other dishes too. These dishes are vegetarian and could be a perfect meal that you make at home. Are you ready?? 

Besan Chilla 

If you always struggle to make a quick breakfast, besan ka chila is what you need. This is one of the easiest and quickest breakfasts you can ever make. All you need is some besan, some veggies and some spices. Wanna know how to make this easy peasy breakfast at home, here is the recipe. 

Besan Ki Kadhi 

Kadhi is one North Indian curry loved for its taste and simplicity. Made with curd, besan and spices, this curry is served well with hot pipping rice. While some add boondi, some add crispy besan ke pakode to the kadhi which makes it even more special. Here’s you can make this amazing dish at home. 

Rajasthani Govind Gatta Curry 

This Rajasthani vegetarian curry is from Marwari cuisine. In this, the basic besan gatta is given a royal texture by changing its shape. Also, mawa  and curd is used to make its gravy. This dish is also known as Shahi gatte because of its richer gravy. Wanna make it at home? 

Ganthia Nu Shaak 

As the name suggests, we know that it is a Gujarati dish made up of Ganthia. Those who don’t know, ganthia is a deep fried and crisp snack made up of besan, turmeric, chili powder, cumin seeds, curd and water. This dish has spiceful gravy and is easy to make. Don’t look anywhere else as here is the recipe. 


If you know Gujarati cuisine, you know what khandvi is. This popular snack has a melt-in-the-mouth texture and is made up of buttermilk and besan. These rolls have a tempting tadka and qualifies to be a perfect evening snack. Why don’t you make it at home? Try this recipe. 

These were some of the scrumptious dishes you can make with besan. Make them at home and let us know which one you liked the most.