7 Rajasthani Sabzi Dishes Perfect For Lunch And Dinner
Image Credit: Sabzi | Image Credit: Freepik.com

Are you bored of the regular sabzi served on your platter? It’s time to move beyond that and try something different. India is a country of diverse culture and cuisine. The country provides an array of dishes that will enlighten both your lunch and dinner platter.    

Often, you might not like to indulge in non-vegetarian items and try out interesting vegetarian items or sabzi recipes that the country has to offer. Among other states, Rajasthan is the one that has experimented with various types of food. And the cuisine is deeply rooted in the cultural and historical tapestry of the state. 

Known for its robust and hearty dishes, the Rajasthani cuisine reflects the arid landscape and the resourcefulness of the people. One of the hallmarks of this cuisine is the extensive use of spices, including red chilies, coriander, turmeric, and asafoetida, which impart a rich and aromatic flavour to the dishes.   

Beyond Dal baati churma, there are a wide range of Rajasthani sabzi dishes that have made their way through most Indian household. In this article, we’ll discuss several Rajasthani sabzi recipes that will be perfect for your lunch or dinner:   

  • Gatte Ki Sabzi   

This is the classic Rajasthani sabzi recipe, which has made its way throughout North India. In this recipe, dumplings made from besan called ‘gatte’ are seasoned with spices like red chilli powder, turmeric, and ajwain. These are then cooked in a spiced yoghurt-based curry. This can be served with steamed rice or roti.  


  • Jaiphali Aloo   

Want to cook aloo sabzi in Rajasthani style? Opt for Jaiphali aloo. As the name suggests, the dish has a signature taste and flavour coming from jaiphal, or nutmeg. Jaiphal is added to the aloo alongside white pepper, cumin, ginger, and garlic. This dish tastes exceptionally good.   

  • Pitod Ki Sabzi   

This is another Rajasthani sabzi made of gram flour (besan). However, here the besan pitod is cooked differently and in an onion-based gravy. It is a delicious vegetarian option with an exuding earthy flavour. It is a royal addition to your dinner or lunch platter.   

  • Malai Pyaaz Sabzi   

The star ingredient here is baby onions. They are cooked with aromatic spices, whole spices, kasuri methi, tomatoes, and malai, or cream. The onions are typically sliced and slow-cooked, which lends a perfect balance between the sweetness of onions and the creaminess of malai. Make this mouth-watering dish for your next meal.   

  • Veg Jaipuri   

This is a dish with a medley of mixed vegetables exuding Rajasthani flavours. This dish typically includes onions, tomatoes, paneer, capsicum, and green peas. Moreover, cashew nuts lend a regal touch to it. This dish goes best with roti or chapatti.   

  • Rabodi Ki Sabzi   

If you’re trying out Rajasthani cuisine, then this is a must try. Rabodi is a papad-like delicacy made with maize (makai). You can get ready-made rabodi or try making it at home. To prepare this dish, rabodi dishes are soaked and then cooked with curds, buttermilk, onions, and spices.  

  • Haldi Ki Sabzi   

We know that turmeric contributes to several health benefits and is used as a spice in dishes. But have you ever thought of making turmeric sabzi? Well, yes, Rajasthani cuisine has it for you. Raw turmeric is used to make this delicious sabzi. The ingredient is mixed with spices, curd, and other ingredients to make a semi-dry vegetable preparation. This is a winter delicacy and can be enjoyed with rice or roti.