Savour The Jodhpuri Flavour With Chakki Ki Sabzi
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A tasty and delectable dish called Jodhpuri chakki ki shahi sabzi is comprised of gluten-filled dumplings made of wheat flour and cooked in a yogurt-based stew. In Bihar, the dish is known as "dhokhe ki sabzi," whereas a similar one is prepared in Multan Sindh under the name "mukand vadi." This is how food unites people of all backgrounds. A special delicacy that delights and astounds the guests at the same time is jodhpuri chakki ki shahi sabji. Making the chakkis from scratch requires a lot of time and patience, but the effort pays off with a delectable flavour. 


For Chakki Dough  

Wheat flour - 2 cup 

1/4 tsp Salt   

A pinch Turmeric 

For Gravy  

1 ½ cup curd  

½ cup Milk 

1 tsp red chilli powder 

1 tsp coriander 

½ tsp Turmeric 

Salt to taste 

A pinch of garam masala 

½ tsp Jeera 

½ tsp Hing  

1 Bay leaf 

1 tsp ginger paste 

2 tbsp cashew, magaj, poppy seeds , Coconut powder/paste 

Oil for frying chakki tempering 

Fresh coriander leaves and green chillies - finely chopped for garnishing 

Ginger juliennes as per taste (optional) 

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Make a soft dough similar to that for roti or naan using wheat flour and a little salt. For 20 to 30 minutes, cover with a moist cloth and set away. After that, soak this dough in water and continue to press it to remove any loose dough. 

After that, place this dough on a sieve and continue to press it down while continuously rinsing it with tap water. Collect the gluten-containing dough to produce chakki once all of the loose dough has been removed by washing and just the remaining portion is on the sieve.

This gluten dough should be mixed in a mixer grinder with a touch of salt and some turmeric powder to create a smooth, elastic dough. Your chakkis will get softer after this process. Cut it into small pieces. Make a knot out of each piece after stretching it into a long, thin roll.

 Alternatively, you might lay it flat on a plate or tray and then cut it into squares. These square chakki pieces should be boiled like gatta before being deep-fried in hot oil. After being fried, the chakkis will double in size and become fluffy. Set these cooked chakkis aside. 

For a richer flavor, you can soak these chakkis in a cup of milk. Mix all the spices into the curd by lightly beating it. Heeng, jeera, and tejpatta are added to heated oil as a tempering. Sauté while adding the optional ginger paste. The masala curd is then added, and it is stir-fried. Add cashew, magaj, poppy seeds, and coconut paste to stir-fry for a shahi flavour. Any of the elements listed above can be included or excluded.

Cook the curd gravy until the oil layer starts to separate from the sides. You can change the gravy's consistency by adding some water and milk. Add the fried/soaked chakki pieces to it and re-cook for 5–6 minutes on medium heat.

Add a dash of garam masala. Be sure to thoroughly combine. After one boil, turn the flame off. Serve in a bowl. Garnish with thinly sliced fresh ginger, green chillies, and green coriander. Delicious chakki ki shahi sabzi from Jodhpur is ready!