From Masala Dosa to Upma, Dishes That Are Vegan

Indian cuisine is very rich and diverse. No matter if you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will find some or other dish that you just can’t get enough of. Hands down, Indian cuisine is pure comfort and has everything, right from strong aromatics to warming spices. You may not believe this but Indian cuisine is quite vegan-friendly. Yes, you read that right! 

Indian cuisine is known for its richness in food. It is famous for being loaded with dairy-heavy products like ghee, milk, and curd. But Indian cuisine has many vegan dishes that you didn’t know. Wanna know about these dishes? Have a look below! 

Dal Chawal 

Yes, our humble dal-chawal is vegan. Dal-chawal is what most of us eat but we never realized its benefits. Simple rice paired with different kinds of lentils is a total comfort food. Here is the recipe for a scrumptious dal you can make.

Masala Dosa is a famous South Indian dish that is mostly consumed as breakfast in many parts of the country. It is a super-thin, crispy, and savoury pancake that has potato stuffing and is served with chutney and sambar. Here’s how you can make the perfect masala dosa at home. 

Puri Aloo 

The next famous Indian dish which is vegan is Puri Aloo. It is an essential part of North Indian cuisine and is an absolute comfort food. Puris are delicious crispy deep-fried puris served with lip-smacking aloo sabji. Make this amazing dish at home. 


Also known as uppumavu or uppittu, this is a common breakfast staple in almost every part of South India and Maharashtra. It is basically a thick porridge made up of dry-roasted semolina. It has so many vegetables and spices and when oil is used instead of ghee, this dish turns vegan. Follow the steps below and make it at home. 

Vegetable Biryani 

Rice lovers, this famous rice dish is vegan! No matter in which part of India you are, you can find delicious vegetable biryani literally everywhere. The fragrant rice cooked with succulent vegetables and a heaping mix of aromatic spices can literally make your senses go wild. Want a recipe? Here you go! 

If you are planning to go vegan, these dishes are something you must keep in mind!