From Idli Biryani To Sabudana Idli: 5 Interesting Idli Recipes For Breakfast
Image Credit: Pixabay

It is always a task to decide on a breakfast that will be loved by all, and you cannot make omelette every day, can you? Idli is a South Indian breakfast item, which is typically made with a rice batter that is steamed in special idli moulds. These steamed cakes are then served hot with chutney or sambhar. What you may not know is that your much-beloved idli has many avatars. Like the Rava idli, where the rice is replaced with Rava or semolina. Did you know Rava Idli was actually prepared during World War 2, in MTR Bangalore. Due to food rationing, the supply of rice was limited, the cooks had to innovate or perish, and thus they came up with Rava Idli. Similarly, there’s ‘Thatte Idli’ which looks nothing like your conventional idli, it, in fact, comes in a shape of a plate. To surmise, idlis can be of any shape, size or colour. And to not experiment, would be a crime.

Here are delicious idli recipes you can try out soon.

1. Idli Biryani

Presenting biryani without rice or meat! That’s right, this quick and easy breakfast recipe requires you to just chop up the idlis and cook it with cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms, garam masala and veggies like onions, tomatoes and beans. Finish it off with mint, and your delicious breakfast is ready.  

2. Instant Vegetable Oats Idli

Instant and oh-so-yummy. Rice is replaced with high-protein oats and semolina. The instant batter also comprises vegetables like chopped carrots, peas and beans. Add some coriander for a burst of freshness and steam till done.  

3. Sabudana Idli

Move over sabudana vada, make way for equally yummy sabudana(tapioca) idli, also known as sabakki idli. It is slightly crispier in comparison to the rice idli. This is also instant idli, meaning you do not have to ferment the batter overnight. With the help of curd and rava, you can fix this batter in less than 30 minutes. Serve it with any chutney, mild coconut chutney and spicy tomato chutney.  

4. Egg Idli

Out of rice and rava both? No problem. Just toss in some eggs in the idli moulds and steam ‘em like idli.  To make the affair more flavourful, these ‘egg idlis’ are further fried with curry leaves, red chilli powder, mustard seeds and dry red chillies. Serve hot and enjoy.  

5. Keema Idli

Whip up a good idly batter, as you pour the batter in the moulds, add a layer of juicy keema in the centre. Steam your keema idlis. Serve them hot, a meat-filled surprise awaits them inside. You can pair these idlis with any chutney of your choice.