How To Use Amaranth, Singhara For Vrat-Friendly Breakfast
Image Credit: Pixabay, From Kuttu chilla to singhare ki kachori, you will love the breakfast ideas for vrat.

The Sawan season is here and the whole month holds immense significance for devotees of Shiva. All the places with major Jyotirlingas, like Ujjain and Kashi truly come alive during this month. While consuming alcohol, meat, onion and garlic is a big no for all Shiva devotees, there are specific items that can be eaten by those observing a fast during Sawan fasting. Grains and cereals like wheat and rice are prohibited so people resort to alternatives like kuttu, amaranth, sabudana and more. 

If you are observing the vrats this year, you might be looking for refreshing breakfast recipes. So here are some delicious, healthy yet vrat-friendly breakfast ideas that you can try at home. 

1.  Amaranth Porridge

This is a great healthy alternative to sooji. Also known as rajgira in Hindi, amaranth works well in a bowl of porridge. The amaranth pearls are added to almond milk and flavoured with brown sugar and cinnamon. Cooked in unsalted butter, it is super-filling and keeps you satiated for long. 

2.  Samak Chawal Dosa 

Since you can’t have rice or rice flour, it doesn’t mean you have to skip your favourites at breakfast too. You can prepare a nice dosa batter with samak ke chawal i.e.  barnyard millet. This is gluten-free and totally vrat-friendly too. The crispy and crunchy dosa can be filled with a no onion potato filling and relished each morning. 

3.  Kuttu Chilla 

Made with buckwheat flour, kuttu is a saviour during Navratri. The flour is mixed with water in a pancake-like batter. This is then spread on a pan and flipped on both sides. The result is a healthy, desi pancake that is filling and nutritious. 

4.  Singhare Ki Kachori 

Looking for a chatpata breakfast today? How about some kachoris? Don’t worry, they are totally vrat-friendly. Crispy and crunchy, these kachoris are made from singhare ka atta or water chestnut flour. Stuffed with potatoes and green chillies, it is a fabulous breakfast recipe. 

5.  Banana Lassi 

On days that you don’t feel like eating heavy breakfast, a light and refreshing lassi can do the job. Flavoured with the goodness of banana, this creamy and frothy drink is sweetened with honey.