Food Explorer Anubhav Sapra Reminisces 2023 Delhi Walks With Eric Garcetti & Others
Image Credit: Instagram/Delhi Food Walks

With 2024 now kicking off, most people are busy reminiscing about the year that was and hoping for the best in 2024 too. While people around the world are picking out the best of 2023 to celebrate the coming of 2024, popular YouTuber and the founder of Delhi Food Walks, Anubhav Sapra is also doing the same with his memories of 2023.  

Anubhav Sapra began Delhi Food Walks in 2011, to act as a bastion of Delhi food culture and take local and visitors along the most amazing food trails the national capital has to offer. The community organises walks for tourists who want to indulge in and discover the awe-inspiring realm of Delhi's street food scenario. The community caters to the curiosity of every food aficionado not just through walks but also through immersive YouTube vlogs.  

He took to his Instagram page Delhi Food Walks wishing everybody ‘a very happy year 2024.’ He uploaded a series of images with ‘exceptional individuals’ namely Rachel Gurjar, Simi & Stefan, Roshni Dutt, Mery, Hubert Sepidnam, Max Ginestra, Calixto Serna, and most importantly the USA Ambassador Eric Garcetti.  

Video Credit: YouTube/US Embassy India

He shares his experience throughout the year hosting several prestigious people who have had a wonderful experience trying out the different culinary tapestry of India. Additionally, he mentions that the episode that remained the pinnacle of all the collaborations was hosting Eric Garcetti at Durga Puja special food festival in Delhi’s CR Park area.  

For those unaware, US ambassador Eric Garcetti has been one of the most influential people giving everyone a glimpse of Indian food and the nation’s various cuisines throughout 2023. From savouring authentic thalis and meals at the state bhawans across Delhi to relishing delicacies while on tour of different cities, Garcetti’s social media posts about Indian food and food culture have grabbed plenty of eyeballs. From Ahmedabad and Mumbai to Kolkata and Delhi, the ambassador covered it all—and a significant part was with Sapra too. 

Sapra’s post has garnered several likes and comments. “Wishing everyone a very happy year 2024 filled with incredible culinary discoveries, where every bite unfolds into a cherished experience. As I reflect on the past year, my heart brims with gratitude for the myriad opportunities that graced my path.  Take a look at the post here: 

Apart from Delhi Food Walks, Sapra also organises India Culinary Tours which is the first exclusive food tourism platform that provides an immersive culinary tourism experience to discerning guests and travelers keen to discover the diverse regional foodscape of the Indian subcontinent.