Street Foods Of India: 7 Amazing Street Foods From Delhi You Must Try

Indian cuisine is a reservoir of yummy delicacies that never fails to amaze us. Name another cuisine where you can find everything from desserts to lip-smacking chaats and crispy snacks to have a snack in street food, and we’ll wait! Chatpati Shakarkandi Ki Chaat to crispy Tikkis and spicy Aloo Chaat, you can find everything in India on every second corner. Not just these, each state has its speciality when it comes to street food. Mumbai’s Vada Pav, Gujarat’s Dabeli, Rajasthan’s Mirchi Ke pakode or Daulat ki chaat from Delhi, you name it, and we’ll be slurping!  

Delhi, being the food capital of India, has pretty much everything you crave. But let’s find out the best of street food it has to offer!

1. Daulat Ki Chaat

Available only in the chilling winter months, Daulat ki chaat is nothing like what it sounds. Nor is it the typical tantalising chaat, nor does it require too much daulat! But rest assured, it is an experience you must have while in Delhi! Delicate, creamy and frothy, Daulat ki Chaat is made by whisking sweetened milk for hours. It is then kept overnight in the open to soak in the dew!

2. Gol Gappa

Paani puri, paani ke patashe or puchkas, call it whatever you want, but nobody can resist the sight of crispy small puris, filled with spicy, tangy water, chickpeas, potato and a host of spices!

3. Aloo Chaat

There is nothing more satisfying for all the potato loves than biting into mouth-watering, packed with spices aloo chaat! Bite-sized potatoes, pan-fried and tossed with herbs, lime, and a combination of tamarind and mint chutneys, aloo chaat is an irresistible treat you just can’t miss.

4. Momos

Didn’t you guess it already? Is there still a local market in Delhi that does not have a momo vendor? We don’t think so! Stuffed with various fillings, from veg, soya paneer to chicken and mutton,  momos paired with fiery red sauce is a favourite across age groups!

4. Ram Ladoo

Fried moong dal ladoo topped with spicy coriander chutney, grated radish and chaat masala is a heavenly combination! This one is a legendary snack that can be a perfect evening accompaniment to your cup of chai.

5. Matar Kulcha

From street-side snack to even fine-dine restaurants, you can find matar kulcha almost everywhere in Delhi! Cooked white chana in a thick, flavourful curry paired with fluffy, lightly toasted kulchas is a delight to relish.

6. Nagori Halwa & Bedmi Poori

A walk across the lanes of the famous Chandni Chowk is incomplete without Nagori Halwa and Bedmi Poori's serving! A stellar combination of sweet and savoury, this has a dal-stuffed puri paired with potato curry with a side of sooji halwa.

Try these yummy street foods in Delhi and share your experience with us!