There are people who want to enjoy the summers with nothing but cocktails, books, brunch, films, and music. It is not called happy hour because you get to drink more for less. It may also imply the sweetness of doing nothing. Here are some amazing, low-calorie, and antioxidant-dense cocktails which are definitely on the top charts this year. 

1. Frosé All Day!

If you thought that sauvignon blanc was the most straightforward choice, rose wine also makes up for easy drinking. That is why the frosé cocktail is becoming a popular choice. Unlike cucumbers and blackberries which are the typical flavor combinations in refined Sauvignon blanc cocktails, the addition of strawberries gives the frosé a characteristic cool, summer feel.  

2. Mm, Lime & Vodka  

Move on from the Madras cocktail — the quintessential cranberry juice, orange juice, and vodka drink for young rebels. Isn’t it getting old? There is a reason why we millennials stack up on limes and basil for vodka cocktails nowadays. The cocktail of the next generation is definitely more herbaceous because looking after health was never uncool!  

3. Watermelon & Rum Punch  

If you want something to jazz up a pool party, look no further than the watermelon and rum punch. The watermelon flesh is mixed with elderflower liqueur, and that itself is a curious take on this solid taste bud-pleasing rum cocktail!  

4. Popsicle In A Cocktail 

Yes, that is the new way of drinking cocktails today! Take any of the delicious popsicle flavors such as green tea, melon, or strawberry, and mix it up with coconut water and vodka! It’s okay to be a kid,