First Date Foodie Guide: From Spicy No-No’s To Delicious Do's 

Many youngsters dream and plan eagerly for their first dates with their heartthrob, only to find themselves underprepared when it comes to sitting at the table and ordering a food item they can mutually agree on. One may be dating someone who doesn’t want anyone touching their plate or someone who opens up only when they are sharing from the same plate.

Whichever type one’s date is, it is important to know them beforehand and to have  a list of food options at hand to make the rendezvous smooth and enjoyable. Being distracted by  one’s food too much during conversation, displaying moderation vs. indulgence, are things every date subconsciously registers. Keeping these in mind, here is a compiled list of foods to try and also avoid during those nervous, nail-biting first dates. 

Get A Lebanese Platter

This is as perfect as it gets because Lebanese platters consist of relatively simpler, milder dishes like hummus, falafel, baba ganoush, kebabs, and pita, with some small side salads. Both can try a bit of everything and the small amounts of different interesting dishes keep the conversation going just in case you happen to be the shy type who has nothing else to talk about. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about getting any digestive emergencies in the middle of your date, as this cuisine is known for its mildness. 

Try Cakes

Cakes are the next best thing because—who doesn't love dessert? and two—it doesn’t get more luxurious than this. There are so many options to choose from—cheesecake, red velvet cake, black forest cake, chocolate cake—that it truly can set the table for romance like no other food. Perhaps the only setback one can think of is that of ordering such a marvellous cake that it takes you on a mental taste-trip to velvet town, where you keep admiring the richness of it and forget the date sitting in front of you. 

Order Pizza

Pizzas are popular because of their near ubiquitousness nowadays, not to mention their affordability. Thankfully, one can choose to have one’s own customised pizza . It also encourages the participation of both sides, as each can cut and serve the other. Go for the non-greasy and light toppings and nibble away at them on that casual date.  

Maybe Try Sushi

Sushi can be simple or sophisticated, yet what you can count on is a neat meal. Always ask first if your date is comfortable with raw fish and let them know of the vegetarian options available.


Who doesn't love these compact balls of pure fun? Momos come in a lot of varieties—vegetable, bean, meat, and even chocolate versions nowadays. If it is not possible to compromise on spice addiction even on that first date, you can go for these bite-sized dumplings. Just go less on the sauce and mind it not to get too excited to use the chopsticks without having prior practice.

Top 4 Foods To Avoid On The First Date

Greasy Chinese Noodles/Spaghetti Pasta

They are a big no-no. The effort it takes to get the  long strains into the mouth creates not only an unpleasant sight, but they also do not encourage conversations and rather expose one’s clumsiness. Some dates may really find the struggles cute but one shouldn’t count on it. If one must have pasta, they can go for the penne variety. Other than that, noodles and spaghetti are best kept for family dinners or outings with friends.

Spicy Indian Gravies

Indian cuisine has such a variety that one may get too enthusiastic to share their regional delicacies like Chettinaad and Tikka Masala on a first date but it’s not ideally suggested as it can be too spicy for some and one may not know their date’s tolerance level yet. One can argue that dates can choose their own dishes but still, if it’s a new restaurant you are trying out and are unfamiliar with their dishes, it’s best to stick to the kormas unless one wants their date to regret the rendezvous.

Chicken with ribs and bones

They sound innocent enough; how could one get wrong besides having messy fingers and ‘bloody’ faces just to name a couple? Nobody wants to date someone who looks like a hungry neanderthal on their first date. Invite them to share a bucket of popcorn chicken and enjoy the conversation.   

Oversized Burgers

Avoid ordering oversized burgers with dripping sauces, as they get messy to eat and there are huge chances to get that dripping sauce on your lovely dress or rocking pants.