Beer has entered the food trend arena and now is enjoyed by everyone. Everyone may now enjoy a frosty beverage because Beer has long been used to add complexity to simple dishes; consider brats cooked in beer, beer-steamed mussels, and fish battered in beer. But all of those recipes have one thing in common: they exclude vegetarians. However, many of the same ingredients that give beer its delicious flavour when combined with fish or meat dishes also give vegetarian proteins like beans or tofu their flavour. Beer adds a deep and strong flavour to the dishes. But do you know what? It is not just limited to non-vegetarian dishes. Now you can also cook vegetarian and vegan recipes with beer.

Here are some vegetarian dishes you can cook with beer-

Mac n Cheese

Who doesn't love mac n cheese? This macaroni and cheese is a delectable dish that can be cooked with beer. The cashew-based sauce's decadently creamy texture and extra kick from the Golden Ale beer make it totally swoon-worthy. We'd smother practically anything with it, but you can serve it with tender bits of vegan seitan bratwurst and freshly cooked spaghetti.

Mac n Cheese/

Vegan Chilli

A substantial vegan chilli with rich flavour from both black and kidney beans and dark Mexican beer. The beans give this soup solidity, and the beer gives it a powerful flavour. Vegan chilli is a soup that can be consumed any time of the day. It has different flavours and textures of tomatoes, kidney beans, black beans, crackers and beer. It is a package of different flavours and spices that hit the right spot.

Cheddar Bread Bowl Dip

This is the ultimate cheesy, gooey, vegan dip that is ideal for a movie night. The beer, spices, and pickled jalapenos accentuate the dip's robust, nuanced flavour, which is traditionally thickened by potatoes and cashews. Forget the garnishes and start devouring this bread bowl of vegan dip, which is topped with vegan cheddar, green onion, and coconut bacon.

Tofu Tacos

A vegan take on the beer-battered fish taco is these beer-battered tofu tacos. Warm corn tortillas are used to wrap the Old Bay-seasoned, crispy-coated tofu, which is then topped with handmade pickled onions, avocado, and crunchy red cabbage. Another excellent addition is vegan sour cream, chipotle mayo, and/or spicy sauce. Inside a heated tortilla, the tofu is deliciously crunchy on the outside and delicate on the inside.